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How to Avoid the Salary Question In the Interview

There’s a common question that always comes up when I’m coaching negotiators and job seekers, which is: How do I handle when they ask me to name my own salary, in the middle of the interview, or sometimes even in the middle of my application for a job? Now, this can be a really tricky […]

Why You Should Never Negotiate Over Email

Why hiding behind your keyboard can hurt your cause.

How to Cultivate More Confidence

Be your most confident self.

Why You Should Always Get a Job Offer In Writing

It’s not a real offer until it’s written down.

Mental Health and Money

Making money moves this year?

Why Resolutions Fail and How to Set Yourself Up For Success in 2020

The science behind sustaining your ambition.

Can I Ask For More? | Best of Bossed Up

A step-by-step on how to start your negotiation.

How to Seal the Deal in Your Next Interview | Best of Bossed Up

Put this interview best practice to work for you.

“Unqualified” | Best of Bossed Up

Feeling unqualified?

How to Land Informational Interviews | Best of Bossed Up

How to get the attention of busy people.

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