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How to Dress Like a Boss

Let’s chat with my stylist.

How to Prepare for a Mid-Year Review

Tips to get you ready for your mid-year review.

How to Develop Executive Presence

How to be seen as a boss.

Self-Care Tips for When You Don’t Have the Time

Quick & easy tips for self-care on the go.

How to Boost Your Everyday Wellbeing

Hack your brain and boost your mood.

How I Learned to Sleep Well While Traveling

Make your zzz’s a top priority.

Setting Boundaries at Work

How to set boundaries like a boss.

How a Brag Book Can Help Land Your Next Job or Promotion

It’s easy to spot a resume that’s written in a hurry or without a lot of care. It includes a lot of bullet points that don’t really express someone’s value. All the bullet points are structured like this: “action word + task.” It’s akin to writing, “Breathes air at work.” This doesn’t feel like much […]

How to Become a Great Manager

How to strengthen your skills as a supervisor.

Navigating the Transition from College to Career

Here’s what I wish I’d known.

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