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Sitting Through Struggle ft. Maxie McCoy | ep. 42

How to mine feedback from failure.

Career vs. Lifestyle | Boss Tip | ep. 41

They’re not the same thing.

Getting Paid in the Nonprofit Sector ft. Allison Alt | ep 40

Do you pay your interns?

How to Organize Your Networking | Boss Tip | ep 39

An analog solution this digital die-hard loves.

Playing Nice at Work ft. Crisanta Duran | ep 38

It’s exhausting, but helpful.

Lack Experience? Make It Up | Boss Tip | ep 37

It’s not what you think.

Boss Mama ft. Deb Haaland | ep 36

Does leveling up at work and having a kid work?

An Antidote to Activist Burnout | Boss Tip | ep 35

Because we all need to sustain ourselves.

Should You Pursue Your Passion? ft. Lauren Underwood | ep 34

“Follow your passion” is problematic.

Negotiating While Nonprofit | Boss Tip | ep 33

It can be done.

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