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My Morning Routine For Calm Confidence, Energy, and Focus

… for calm confidence, energy, & focus.

Should You Follow Your Passion or a Paycheck?

For love or money, career edition.

How to Cultivate Your Community of Courage

Networking for people who hate networking.

How I Started My Independent Podcast

My lessons learned in the art of podcasting.

Negotiating Past Equal Pay Day

While we shouldn’t have to, here’s how to negotiate.

How to Save on Everyday Fees & Charges

Spring clean your finances with quick tips.

Doing Well While Doing Good

Let’s talk about the martyrdom mindset.

How to Follow Up to Build Relationships

Tips to take your networking to the next level.

Supporting Your Partner’s Career Conundrums ft. Lisa Lewis

What do you do when the one you love isn’t loving their job?

How to Be a Powerful Connector Without Feeling Used

The mystery of being ghosted by a mentee.

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