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How to Get Out of a Toxic Workplace

For when it’s time to GTFO.

Boss Up Your Work Wardrobe without Breaking the Bank

A big wardrobe isn’t needed to make a big impression.

Toxic Workplace Warning Signs

Watch out for these.

Step-by-Step Negotiation Prep

Hear how Lesa-Kaye asked for more.

When to Email vs. When to Text

How to communicate like a pro.

Adulting 101

A conversation with my lil’ sis.

How to Talk Your Way into (Almost) Any Conference

A networking game-changer.

Why Great Workplaces Work

A snippet from our discussion at the Commonwealth Club.

How to Tap Your Network and Ask for Help

…because you can’t get what you don’t ask for.

Work + Life + Side Hustle Balance

Welcome to the juggle.

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