Here’s Why You Should Pay Yourself First

You’ve probably heard “pay yourself first” a lot. I’ve said it many times on social media and to my clients. But do you know what that actually means? I’m here to teach you, while also explaining how and why you should do it.

July 13 | Bossin’ Up: Advocating for Yourself at Work

Join Emilie Aries (Bossed Up’s CEO & Founder) for an evening at Chicago's very own ZipFit Denim (a Booth female-founded company) for a workshop on Bossin' Up and Advocating for Yourself at Work supported by Chicago Women in Business of the Booth School of Business.

PODCAST: Marriage v. Ambition

Does a woman’s career ambitions hurt her dating life? Do we down-play our ambitions to attract an opposite-sex partner? E&B break down the surprising science behind the ambition/marriage trade-off.