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The modern job search


requires a new set of skills.



It’s no longer good enough to just be good at what you do.



On top of it all, you must master the art of marketing yourself and your transferable skills in today’s busy, competitive labor market.



Work directly with Bossed Up’s Founder & CEO Emilie Aries to advocate for yourself throughout the vulnerable, tumultuous, months-long process that is today’s job search.





With so much contradicting advice out there, going the DIY route can be exhausting. 




you don’t have to go it alone.


With Emilie’s personalized feedback every step of the way, the HIRED accelerator will help you to…


  • Clarify how your skills translate to future jobs;


  • Identify which positions you should be applying for;


  • Write a resume that gets through AI screeners and lands interviews;


  • Persuade prospective employers through polished cover letters;


  • Audit your personal brand to position yourself as an asset to any team;


  • Refine your story-telling skills to make the most of informational interviews;


  • Expand your reach through strategically networking for new opportunities;


  • Cultivate key internal referrals to boost your chances for success;


  • Develop your charisma and interviewing skills to turn more interviews into offers.
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HIRED has truly helped me examine my personal brand, career goals, and application materials from a fresh and more informed perspective than I could ever have imagined! 






Learn to advocate for yourself in every way: by bolstering your resume, persuading through cover letters, and treating your entire online presence as part of your compelling campaign.




Weekly accountability calls with similarly-positioned peers and Emilie will keep you motivated, encouraged, and help you get un-stuck.




Each week includes an interactive activity – small assignments that Emilie reviews before each and every accountability call to help keep your job search moving forward.


weekly video lessons + interactive assignments + weekly group calls


You’ll join a cohort of no more than 5 similarly-positioned peers to share resources and support.


Every week, you’ll gain access to a new video lesson that focuses on one key skill for mastering your job search, and apply those lessons to your weekly assignment. 


Later that week, you’ll join Emilie and your cohort for a LIVE group video call to receive insightful feedback on your assignments, ask questions, and share support and resources in real time.


Every three weeks, you’ll have an integration week to catch up, raise new questions or issues on the group call, or you’ll have the option for a personal strategy call with Emilie, one on one!

August 1st start date is SOLD OUT!


Starts September 1st

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Video Modules

Weekly lessons to master the art of marketing yourself in your job search.

Weekly Group Calls

You’ll gain encouragement and support in real time with a group of your peers.

1 on 1 calls

Each month you’ll have the option for a 1-on-1 personalized check-in call with your coach.

Small Support Groups

You’ll be matched with no more than 4 peers, who are facing similar challenges.

Easy-to-find resources

All materials are shared in your personal e-learning platform, accessible via desktop or mobile for on-the-go access.


With Emilie and group behind you, you’ll have the motivation and accountability you need to succeed.




An initial 1-on-1 on-boarding call with Emilie to outline your goals!


Our 2+ hour Negotiation Workshop & Workbook

HIRED has brought structure and accountability to a really daunting and uncertain time in my life. Emilie and her program make me feel supported and empowered to put my best foot forward.




Who is the HIRED accelerator best suited for?

This 3-month program is best for the job-seeker who isn’t running from a bad job, but rather, wants to find the right next opportunity to run towards. If you want to make sure you’re making a mindful job transition, this is the program for you.


With weekly lessons delivered over 3 months, HIRED is paced for someone who’s job-searching with a job they’re currently holding down, and therefore may be too slow for the person who’s unemployed and job-searching full-time.


Finally, this program is best for someone who strongly identifies with their job, who derives a deep sense of purpose through their work (or aspires to) and doesn’t want to lower her standards to take just any job. We’re here to help you maintain your high expectations and find your best possible opportunities.

Who will I be working with?

The HIRED accelerator is run by Bossed Up’s Founder & CEO, Emilie Aries. She provides instruction on every weekly skill-building video and will personally review your assignments each week. Emilie will also join you and your cohort LIVE on your weekly group coaching calls. Each cohort is put together by Emilie with no more than 5 similarly-positioned peers, facing similar challenges in the job search.

What's the program schedule?

At the start of each week, you’ll gain access to a new video lesson and assignment in Thinkific, our online course platform. Later in the week, you’ll join a live accountability call hosted via Zoom video conference.

Specific times for calls will be voted on by participants at the start of the program so we can be as accommodating to everyone’s schedules as possible. If by any slim chance we can’t make our call schedule work for you, we’ll issue a complete and immediate refund.

I'm looking to transition careers, is this program right for me?

Yes! The skills we focus on absolutely apply to you whether you’re looking to simply transition jobs or completely transition careers.

This program will help you clarify how your skills translate to the new opportunities you want and how to grow your network strategically to help you foster new connections that can help you land a new position in any industry.

What's the difference between basic v. premiere?

The HIRED accelerator is currently offered at two price points:

HIRED Basic for $399/month & HIRED Premiere for $499/month


HIRED Premiere includes a monthly 1-on-1 strategy call with Emilie during every integration week. HIRED Basic does not.

That said, if you opt for HIRED Basic and decide at any point during the program that you’d like a 1-on-1 call with Emilie, you can always opt to add on strategy call as needed.

What if I get a new job before the program is over?

That would be fantastic, boss! While the average job search typically takes about 5 months (according to a new survey from Randstad), it’s quite possible you’ll get there faster. If you find yourself hired before HIRED comes to a close, you can opt to cancel at any time. The three-month program is billed at start of each 4-week period, and you can cancel immediately, at which time you’ll lose access to all program materials and group calls.

What if I DON'T get a new job before the program is over?

While the HIRED accelerator is designed to equip you with a a new set of tools to master the job search, there’s no way we can guarantee you’ll land your dream job in just 3 months. In fact, the average job search today typically takes about 5 months (according to a new survey from Randstad).


If you’d like to continue working together after the 3-month program comes to a close, we’ll offer a variety of options for ongoing support.

When will this program be offered again?

Due to increased demand, we plan to start a new 5-person cohort for HIRED at the start of each month for the foreseeable future. Once those 5 spots are filled, however, they’re sold out until the next month – so don’t delay!


Join the 3-month accelerator and gain access to:

+ weekly video lessons
+ weekly assignments
+ weekly group calls

Join the 3-month accelerator and gain access to:

+ weekly video lessons
+ weekly assignments
+ weekly group calls
+ monthly 1-on-1 strategy calls with Emilie

I love the curriculum. It’s 100% doable, even while I have a fulltime job, and breaks down the job hunt in tangible chunks that move me forward each week. 





An initial 1-on-1 on-boarding call with Emilie to outline your goals!


Set Course on Your New Career Direction

WEEK 01: Clarify your direction: know your goals and audience

WEEK 02: Rock your resume for 21st century screeners

WEEK 03: Write a concise objective statement and cover letter

WEEK 04: Integration week


Market Yourself like a Master

WEEK 05: Tell a powerful personal story

WEEK 06: Polish your personal brand

WEEK 07: Prep your online presence

WEEK 08: Integration week


Make Your Move

WEEK 09: Network like a boss

WEEK 10: Leverage references, referrals, and recommendations

WEEK 11: Stand out  in your interviews

WEEK 12: Integration week 


Step-by-step Negotiation Workshop & Workbook


Join the 3-month accelerator and gain access to:

+ weekly video lessons
+ weekly assignments
+ weekly group calls

Join the 3-month accelerator and gain access to:

+ weekly video lessons
+ weekly assignments
+ weekly group calls
+ monthly 1-on-1 strategy calls with Emilie

Schedule your job search call

Want to talk through your options?


Schedule your FREE job search consultation call to review your overall career objectives and we’ll recommend which Bossed Up solutions can help you strategically move forward on your job search.


Decide the program isn’t right for you? Land a job before the program ends? Decide to suspend your job search? You can cancel the program at any time and won’t be billed again.