Women & Wealth | LIVE PODCAST SHOW

In this live recording from our show in DC last month, I sat down with three incredible guests to better understand the state of women and wealth in our country and learn how we all can grow our wealth to grow our power.  

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Featured photo credit: Dan Rader


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  1. […] Finding a way to not only dig out of debt but actually start stacking cash like that is that hardest part, just as getting started on any daunting goal often is. You can learn more about the 3-step process to financial freedom that I ascribe to (slaying debt, upping your earnings, and stacking your cash) on the live Bossed Up podcast show I hosted in DC about women and wealth here. […]

  2. […] We mentioned our financial advisor, Cris Caruso. Hear her on this episode on women and wealth. […]


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