How to Take a Mini Vacation this Spring

This spring, I’m excited to be planning a little weekend get-away with #BradTheBoo immediately following the Bossed Up Book Tour! I wrap up my 10-city tour in San Francisco, and since Brad’s never been to the Bay Area, it’s the perfect time and place for my homebody husband to join me on the road for a weekend escape.

We’re spending a day playing tourists in the city and then we’re headed south to bask in the nearby redwood forests for some hiking and recovery time in nature.

Even though things are crazy-busy at work for both of us, I’m a big believer in the power of small getaways. A mini-vacation is so much better than none at all and this Spring is the perfect time to plan one.

Here are some of my time-tested tactics for making it happen.

Look out for last-minute hotel deals

One night away in a hotel can be such a delight – even if you’re not traveling far. It leaves you feeling pampered and bougie in the best kind of way. And a night in a hotel with your hunny – even if you’re planning an otherwise simple staycation – can be so romantic.

I’m huge fan of the HotelTonight App, which after searching far and wide – remains the best option I’ve found for last-minute hotel stays at the best prices I can find. And when you use code EARIES, you’ll get 20% off your first stay.

Plus, even though I’m a member of Hilton Honors and the Marriot Bonvoy program, when I check in to a reservation made through the HotelTonight App, as long as I give the registration desk my member number, I can still earn those precious hotel points!

Just note: the one risk you take with HotelTonight is that those bookings are set in stone. When they say their reservations are final, they mean it. So feel free to book at the last minute, but book with confidence.

If you’re looking to add a little romance to your weekend or want to plan a last-minute spring getaway, HotelTonight is the my go-to app.

Airbnb yourself an adventure

When I’m escaping the city to a more woodsy get-away like the second half of our weekend in the Bay Area, I almost always opt for an AirBnB. I love having a whole little home to myself when I’m planning an outdoorsy adventure. In fact, some of my favorite stays of all time have been in AirBnBs.

I tacked on a mini-vacation to a speaking gig that took me out to Fresno, CA last year by spending one extra night in one of these these gorgeous little mountain cabins in Squaw Valley, just outside Sequoia National Park – and I can’t recommend a stay there enough! I was less than a half hour drive away from a plethora of hiking trails in Sequoia National Park, and the hostess had a cute little cafe and bakery right there on site!

After stressful periods of work travel, the only way I’ve learned I can revive myself is to get into nature. It’s part of the reason I recently started hiking weekly with some pals herein Denver. So if you’re looking for an easy, affordable mini-vacation, get into nature. It’s so good for your body, mind, and spirit. And a cute little Airbnb all to yourself serves as the perfect launchpad for such an escape.

Take a road trip

If you want to opt for a quick and affordable mini-vacation this spring, cut out the hassle of air travel by opting for a road trip instead. Just get in the car and drive, baby!

There are so many Colorado destinations I’ve got my eye on, and I’m hoping to plan a road trip out to Moab, some natural springs up in the Rocky Mountains, and Crested Butte for camping later on this year.

You don’t need to travel far to get out of your regular routine and into a more relaxing, rejuvenating environment. We just have to make it a priority.

Keep it simple

Listen – I know we’re all so busy during the workweek it can feel like it’s too much to start planning for some extravagant getaway this season, but keep in mind: a simple, small vacation counts, too.

When the US travel association started studying why Americans keep passing on their paid vacation days, one of the most common responses was that people said they didn’t have time or money to get away. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good, boss! Just taking one Friday or Monday off for a 3-day outing every now and then can serve as a huge mood boost.

In fact, Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner! Perhaps you can take advantage of that chance to do something a special.

If you do – and especially if you use any of these boss tips to help make your mini-vacation a reality this season – I want to hear about it! Share your plans and best practices in the comments section below, or tag me on social media @emiliearies or @bosseduporg.


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