[the problem]: women are burning out

To invest in our professional longevity, we must invest in our personal sustainability.

The Core Concepts

Women’s History Month #MondayMotivation: The Beyonce Era of Feminism

  I’m thrilled to close out our Women’s History Month series today with the many reasons I’m hopeful about living in (what I call) the Beyonce Era of Feminism.   I believe there are 5 key characteristics of today’s feminist movement that reflect how we have progressed for the better in recent years. But first, some words of inspiration from… Read more →

Deanna Rhodes

Fierce Friday : How Deanna Got Fearlessly Fit

  As a young professional, it was all too easy for Deanna to get stuck on the happy hour train. You know the one I’m talking about.   It’s Friday. It’s 5 o’clock. You’ve been stuck behind your desk all week. Everyone’s heading either home or to happy hour. Aren’t you?   For years Deanna was waiting. Waiting for something… Read more →


April 6 | LifeTracker Hangout

    At Bossed Up, we believe in creating communities of courage where bosses can get after the work and life they love. We are progress-obsessed, purpose-driven women who hold each other accountable to achieving our dreams. Read more →


Women’s History Month #MondayMotivation: Just Like Shoulder Pads…

All month long we’ve been walking through modern feminism’s history in America and profiling some of the most badass bosses behind the movement for gender equality. But as we arrive at the 1980’s and 90’s, I’m not as inspired by what happened then, as all that we have retired since then (including shoulder pads!). During the last few decades of… Read more →


Fierce Friday: When life hands you lemons…make money.

Dallas had just moved to DC for a big new job in the city. She’d been working in political fundraising in her home state of North Carolina for years and following Bossed Up Bootcamp, she made the leap to pursue work on the national scale here in the District. But less than a year in, the rug was pulled out… Read more →