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[the problem]: women are burning out

To invest in our professional longevity, we must invest in our personal sustainability.

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5 Ways to Cultivate Better Relationships

  “Happiness” is an elusive topic that has been studied and contemplated by many throughout history. As an Imago relationship therapist and someone who specializes in helping my clients achieve happy and healthy relationships, I have come to view much of happiness through a relational lens. It’s no coincidence that online dating world and the wedding industry is full of… Read more →


Bossy women | #MondayMotivation

Welcome to February, boss! This month, we’re thinking all about LOVE! Loving yourself, your community, and yes, your career! Falling in love with your life almost always requires asserting yourself and advocating for what you want. You know – being bossy! Here’s what Amy Poehler had to say about bossy women like us:   What’s on the docket this week: NEW: Join… Read more →

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February Challenge Calendar

Here’s to a Fierce February! Download your February Challenge Calendar and join our community on the journey to crafting a happy, healthy, and sustainable career path in 2016!   Right-click the image above or click here to download your printable PDF! Hang it where you’ll see it every day to stay inspired and make progress on living your BOSS life! Read more →