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How to Dodge the Mid-Interview Salary Question [VIDEO]

    You’re in the middle of interviewing for your dream job, when the interviewer asks nonchalantly, “So what are your salary requirements?”   WAIT!   Before you answer, you need to know this three-step strategy that’ll keep all the bargaining power on your side of the table.   When it comes to salary, there are many reasons why women… Read more →

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Your Sweet ’16 Summer Playlist

Summer is finally here!    You know what that means? We need some summertime tunes!   We got you covered, boss. Tune in and turn up with our brand-spanking-new Sweet 16 Summer Playlist and follow us on  Spotify:     What do you think will be the 2016 anthem of the summer? Tell me what you’re jammin’ out to these days,… Read more →