[the problem]: women are burning out

To invest in our professional longevity, we must invest in our personal sustainability.

The Core Concepts
Paulina Migalska

#FierceFriday: Becoming a mother gives me courage

  In honor of Mother’s Day this month, we’ve been exploring the incredible intersection of ambition and motherhood – first with this week’s webinar featuring author Liz O’Donnell and next week, our conversation with Fem2.0 Founder, Suzanne Turner on Workshop Wednesday.   Today I’m thrilled to interview an incredible Bossed Up Bootcamp alum who’s on the threshold of motherhood herself.… Read more →

Power Hour Square

May 28 | Power Hour

  What are you doing on the last thirsty Thursday of the month? Hangin’ with your bosses, that’s what! Spend the evening with ambitious, professional women, who are looking to grow their network and get after their bossed up life across work, love, and wellness. Whether you’ve attended our workshops, graduated from Bootcamp, or are simply interested in learning more… Read more →


May 20 | Strategies for Balance from a Boss Mom Who’s Been There | A Bossed Up Workshop

  Feeling like you’re juggling too much? This boss mom’s strategies can help.  So many of us have, know, or are hard-working mothers, and sometimes we wonder how they possibly do it all.  For every woman, mother or no, being present in work life AND home life can be an art.  Both family (significant others and friends included!) and time… Read more →