We help women & workplaces achieve sustainable success.

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[the problem]: women are burning out

To invest in our professional longevity, we must invest in our personal sustainability.

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We’re Hiring: Join the Team

  We’re hiring a virtual assistant and 2 interns for the fall season of 2015! See below for detailed descriptions and get in touch right away to set up an interview. #1: Virtual Assistant | Job Description Bossed Up’s Founder & CEO, Emilie Aries, is heavily involved in every facet of day-to-day business operations and needs a problem-solving ninja /… Read more →

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#FierceFriday: “I’m home.” How Stephanie Found Career Bliss

  Stephanie came to Bootcamp hungry for a change. She loved the mission she was working towards, but her position left little room for advancement and she wasn’t sure where her career was heading anymore.   A Texas native, Stephanie had been in D.C. for nearly a decade, and the constant hustle left her homesick and unhappy. Does having ambition… Read more →


#FierceFriday | From Paralegal to Programmer: How Nina Made the Leap

  Sometimes we all can get too comfortable. Know what I mean?    Last year, Nina was living a comfortable life. She couldn’t complain. She had a decent job and a great apartment in a hip neighborhood. But something was missing. Nina craved growth. She missed the challenge of new and interesting experiences that would further her career and stimulate… Read more →


July 15 | WEDNESDAY WORKSHOP: The Benefits of Sustainable Success: How to Boss Up for the Long Term

  So many women I meet come to Bossed Up feeling over-worked, over-scheduled, and generally over it. They’re tired of the exhaustion and the overwhelm and want to take back control of their lives with a supportive community of women who are committed to doing the same. That’s why I’m launching Bossed Up for Life: a burnout prevention plan for… Read more →