Trust Your Gut #LikeaBoss

Krysten is a go-getter. In her first position out of college she built a marketing department from the ground up. From there, she moved onto something new, but the itch to start something all her own enticed her.

But she soon grew frustrated by a lack of growth at her day job, and Krysten decided to make a big change.

Read on to see how Krysten started her own company by trusting her gut and choosing – deliberately, mindfully, and strategically – to live her best life.

Emilie: Catch us up on what’s going on with you, boss!

Krysten: I started my own PR and marketing firm, KC & CO Public Relations. I’ve been full-time since May, after leaving a position that just wasn’t the right fit, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! I feel so in control and fulfilled working on my own terms.

E: Working on your own terms, I love it! What does that mean for you?

K: While it can seem scary at first, I’ve realized there’s great power in choosing only to work with clients that I really connect with, and on projects that I really enjoy. Everyone wins in that scenario, because I give so much more of myself to those projects, and then I gain the flexibility and autonomy that I want in return. I was bit by the travel bug years ago, and wanderlust is a big part of who I am. Having the flexibility to determine my own schedule is a huge part of making that possible.

E: Congratulations on an amazing transition. How did you know it was time?

K: At my last position I felt like I had no room for growth. I was doing the same old thing at work, just checking boxes and going through the motions. I knew I wasn’t living up to my full potential. I was working on my company on the side for a while, and wanted to take it full time. I questioned if I should just leave and look for another stable job, or go for what I really wanted. I didn’t want to wait anymore, so I did it! I put in the work, and I took a leap of faith.

E: How did Bossed Up Bootcamp play into all of this?

K:  When I got to Bossed Up Bootcamp I instantly felt like I was part of a community. Being surrounded by like-minded women was incredible and inspiring. I remember the opening vision exercise giving me that push in the right direction that I didn’t even know I needed. I surprised myself by realizing I had no hesitation in sharing that in 10 years time, I was the proud owner of a thriving business. So when I got home from Bootcamp with a plan of action, I thought, why not start making those moves right away?

E: Awesome boss! Any advice for women in the same position you were?

K: It sounds cliche, I know, but trust your gut. We sometime forget that we have what we need we just need to act. Make moves! Have confidence in your abilities and you can figure anything out.

You can catch up with Krysten here on LinkedIn >>

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