Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day!

Equal Pay Day for women (the average woman) fell on April 4th this year, but did you know that Black women in America must work even longer to make what the average man earned last year?

Source: MomsRising

It’s true: Black women must work all the way until July 31st to earn what the average American man brought home last year.

On average, Black women are paid just 63 cents for every dollar a white man is paid:

Source: Boston Women

That wage inequality has compounding effects over time, making it much hard to pay off student loans and plan for retirement. In fact, just look at how many more years of work the average American Black woman would have to clock in to earn what a white male earns over the course of a 40-year career:

Source: ACLU


This inequality must change, starting with stronger policies advocating for pay transparency and equal pay for equal work.

Angered? Outraged? Make sure your friends have the facts by sharing this post now.

And  – there’s more you can do to close the wage gap. Do your part to start the negotiation conversation with your employer today, and advocate for all you’re worth, boss.


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