The 7 Best Career Websites for Women Who Want to Be the Boss in 2016

Looking to develop your leadership skills and take your career up a level this year? We got you covered.

Be sure to bookmark these top 7 best websites to build your career in 2016:


To grow your network… can’t be beat. Make your own profile to showcase your skills and connect with other ladies who are all about that #womenhelpingwomen life. Don’t forget to connect with me there, too!

To develop your management skills…

Check out the MIT Sloan School of Business’s Open CourseWare website. That’s right – you can take actual MIT business school classes fo’ free! Walk through the syllabus, tackle the readings, and take part in the assignments that will help you develop the skills to be a better boss.

To start your own biz…  is a household name around here. We especially love her YouTube channel full of practical business lessons for budding entrepreneurs.

To build your personal brand…

Let me introduce you to the one and only This bomb-ass branding coach will dish up the real talk you need to hone your brand and get you lookin’ fresh online and off.

To dress #LikeABoss…

I love Buzzfeed style, especially after they pulled together this round-up of badass boss ladies musing on how they dress to feel #likeaboss. I was honored to be featured amongst such incredible company!

To nail your next negotiation… can help. I’m a fan of their whip-smart co-founder Alexandra Dickinson, who we’re featuring on our #CareerCrush Q&A this week! She can help you get negotiation-ready when it’s time to seal the deal.

To keep bossin’ across work, love, and wellness:

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