Be Decisive | #MondayMotivation

Making decisions can bring success your way, especially in the midst of analysis paralysis. Having a solid plan and decisions lined up will make you less afraid of any obstacles in your path, so make up your mind today, boss!

Be Courageous | #MondayMotivation

Staying quiet and avoiding risks will help you stay safe and secure. But your real protection happens when you gather the courage to stand up and for what you want and need. Don’t let others tread on you. Be brave and be a boss! In the words of Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Here’s what’s up

The Beauty of Dreams | #MondayMotivation

Let’s do this, Monday!  I’m speaking at SXSW today in sunny Austin, TX and I’m totally surrounded by folks with big dreams and audacious ambitions!  It reminds me of this inspiring quote from the real boss behind President FDR:   Here’s what’s up this week: Ready to get your money r

What’s your legacy? | Happy Women’s History Month

Woohoo! March is finally here and we’re thrilled to be celebrating Women’s History Month with a cross-country tour of #BossedUpUSA events! Women’s history isn’t just about remembering the past – it’s about recognizing that we are all living history. We are each writing our own stories wi