2 Ways to Bask in the Glory of Your Big Win

Narcissistic a-holes are the worst. I’m sure you know about as many of them as I do. Heck, with that little screen in our hand…we have access to a whole world of hey, I’m seriously so important. Let me show you. Can’t you tell?

Nov 16 | Assertive Communication Workshop with WIN.NYC

This one’s for all you #BossLadies out there! WIN.NYC is beyond thrilled to bring you this assertive communication workshop for women in professional settings, led by none other than the incredible Bossed Up founder and CEO, Emilie Aries. In this 60 – 90 minute training, Emilie wil

Jennie shows what it means to WIN | #FierceFriday

Jennie Johnson left Bossed Up Bootcamp with an ambitious goal: become a campaign manager. One year out, and not only has she achieved it – she WON! In a very tough year for Democrats, Jennie managed one of the only winning Congressional campaigns in the nation. Last night, I shared the stage with