Pivot from a Toxic Workplace [WEBINAR]

While it may feel like you will never escape, there are key strategies you can use to pivot from a toxic workplace and move forward in a positive way without torpedoing your career and ruining your life.

Your Brain On Stress [WEBINAR]

Stress can change your brain - literally!  Join Sharp Brain Consulting's Jessica Sharp and Bossed Up Founder & CEO Emilie Aries to better understand how stress affects your brain and what you can do now to bring more self-care and mindfulness into your everyday life.

Money & The One You Love [WEBINAR]

Money can be hard to discuss and in a relationship it can be even more challenging. But couples who talk about money openly and have a game plan are more successful than those who don't.

Your Job Search Checklist [WEBINAR]

Got one eye out the door? Yea, you and half of all millennial workers. Hiring is up, and job satisfaction is down, so if you’re looking to bounce, now’s a great time to kick-start your job search. This hour-long webinar will stream LIVE on Wednesday September 7 at 7pm ET and a recording will be

The Secret to Work/Life Balance this Season

“Work-life balance.” It’s as elusive as it is infuriating.  But it’s what we’re all striving for, isn’t it? The ability to feel like a whole person? Not some cog in a machine solely defined by our work product or hours billed or productivity? What if I told you that something you love

How to Break Through to Career Bliss [WEBINAR]

Women’s career happiness coach, Kathy Caprino, has literally written the book on how to go from breakdown to breakthrough on the journey to achieving career bliss. She’s lived it, researched it, and today she shared some of her wisdom with our community in our Boss Toolkit webinar, “How to Ov

How the Right Headshots Can Build Your Brand [WEBINAR]

In today’s digital age, where LinkedIn profiles and personal websites seem so integral to navigating career transition, having the right headshot is an important part of the personal brand equation. And yet, we rarely talk about how to make sure you get the most out of your headshots. Luckily, pho

How to Leverage LinkedIn Like A Boss [WEBINAR]

Let’s be real here: LinkedIn can be a beast! But it’s good to have such a monster networking tool in your corner when looking to achieve your biggest career goals. Luckily, today we heard from marketing maven Alexandra Anweiler Stephens who broke it all down and showed how to leverage LinkedIn t