How to Keep Momentum When You’re Not Feeling It

My boss, at the end of a grueling day of both physical and emotional exercise, sat the trainees down in a checkout circle and said, “Go home, get some rest. Practice a little self-care.” She then went around and asked each of us what we planned to do.

10 Holiday Gifts to Buy Your Boss Besties

One of the holiday season’s highlights is the chance we get of showing our gratitude for the fierce women that inspire us. So, let’s make the most of this occasion to celebrate and lift the spirits of our #bossbestie with a rad gift! Here are 10 of our favorite finds to get the bosses in [&helli

5 Rules Of Self-Care When You’re On The Go

“Yea, sure. Let me see what I can move around,” I said and hung up the phone. I was standing on a street corner, waiting for my Uber to take me to the next meeting. I had crisscrossed the city of Denver three times and it wasn’t even noon. Mindless. I said “yes,” out of […]

When Action Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

If you’re stressed, or overwhelmed, or worrying, or nervous, or feeling stuck… the very first thing I’d probably tell you to do is anything. Action. Action. Action. It’s the antidote to most things. Because so often when we are feeling all the uncomfortable feelings it’s because we’re no

3 Ways to Say ‘No’ Without Guilt

A common theme of anxiety is guilt. Many of us feel that we are never enough, that we never do enough, or that we could always do more. When we can’t fulfill every goal or be everything to everyone, many of us can feel a sense of failure or inadequacy, which results in feeling anxious due to th