How to Get a Job after an Employment Gap

Don’t let a stretch of unemployment scare you from applying for a job! If you follow our strategies and go into an interview with positivity, you’ll be back in the workforce and receiving a steady paycheck soon.

6 Things That Should Be On A Resume

Technology has all but destroyed the recruiting process. Although it varies, ERE’s Dr. John Sullivan reports on average 250 resumes are received for each corporate job opening, so your resume faces a lot of competition. I have even read numbers as high as 1,000 resumes per posting. If you post you

5 Fabulous Websites with Free Resume Templates

So, you’ve got your resume content checked, proof-read, and tailored for the position you’re applying to –  but how about the design? An eye-catching resume layout is more than beautiful: it’s professional, organized, and clear. And in a world where hiring managers skim resumes for just