Career Q&A with Michele Gordon [WEBINAR]

Michele “Miss Motivational” Gordon is a fitness entrepreneur who is committed to empowering and motivating individuals she works with. While working as Miss Motivational, Michele is able to combine her upbeat attitude and contagious energy to inspire positive change in the world around her. Ch

Halt the Hustle and Open Your Heart

Everyday you’re hustlin. Everyday you try to get farther. You think to try harder. You make lists and lists and lists and tape up calendars and create reminders. Reminders to yourself to do more. Reminders that if you have free time then you’re obviously not out there hustling enough. You should

Why Is Motivation So Hard to Sustain? [VIDEO]

You know those goals that are so fun to set but hard to follow through on?  In today’s video I’m tackling this question: why is motivation so hard to sustain? As it turns out, there’s a natural rhythm to our reserves of willpower. When we first set a new goal, our motivation is pretty high. [