7 Way-too-Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Despite the digital nature of job-seeking today, there’s still no substitute for a rock-solid resume. That said, the resume is an easier document to mess up than you might think. Watch out for these all-too-common resume blunders that may be keeping you from landing your dream job. 1. Typos You’

The Top 18 Sites for Job-Seekers

Starting your job search this season? Bookmark these websites now to keep tabs on all the latest jobs in your industry, which can help you get a sense of the market and who’s hiring. Of course you’ll also want to refresh your resume, make sure you’re rockin’ your online brand, and start havi

How to Survive a Phone Interview

Interviews are nerve-wracking enough, and when you add in the complicating factor of being interviewed over the phone? Yikes! You could be in for all kinds of awkward. Without body language cues to help get your message across, take these simple steps to sound your most polished, prepared, and conf

How to start the negotiation conversation [VIDEO]

In honor of Equal Pay Day (the symbolic holiday that represents how many days US women have worked in 2016 to earn what our male counterparts did in 2015), I want to share one of the ways you and I can advocate for all we’re worth: negotiation. We’ve all heard that we should “Ask for […

Honing Your Personal Story [WEBINAR]

When navigating career transition, your personal story is a critical component to making the leap. Whether you’re interviewing for a new job or making another kind of pivot, it’s not always easy to connect the story of who you are to the story of who you want to be. In today’s #FierceFall webi

How the Right Headshots Can Build Your Brand [WEBINAR]

In today’s digital age, where LinkedIn profiles and personal websites seem so integral to navigating career transition, having the right headshot is an important part of the personal brand equation. And yet, we rarely talk about how to make sure you get the most out of your headshots. Luckily, pho

I Finally Feel “Whole” At Work

Emilie: I’m so excited to share your journey with our community, Cari! Tell our bosses who you are and what you’re up to these days: Cari: I am a connector. I view the world through the people in it. Most of all, I love bringing people together to make big things happen.  I work with […]