9 Compelling Questions to Ask in Your Next Interview

When preparing for your next interview, figuring out how to tell your own story is only half the battle. A stand-out applicant is one who comes ready with insightful questions, too. Asking the right questions can show your analytical thinking skills and demonstrate your curiosity – a good char

How to Survive a Phone Interview

Interviews are nerve-wracking enough, and when you add in the complicating factor of being interviewed over the phone? Yikes! You could be in for all kinds of awkward. Without body language cues to help get your message across, take these simple steps to sound your most polished, prepared, and conf

Sharing Your Personal Story #LikeaBoss [VIDEO]

When you’re in a job interview, or sitting down for a one-on-one networking meeting, or you’re getting up in front of an audience to make a speech, you’re best off starting by explaining who the heck you are and answering the implicit question: Why should I be listening to you?