Career Q&A with Maxie McCoy [WEBINAR]

Maxie McCoy is an entrepreneur and writer on a mission to inspire billions.  Maxie strived to become a sports broadcaster, but once she achieved her goal, she realized her vision had changed.  Now Maxie works towards inspiring and motivating women to conquer their dreams. Chat with us on Twitter

Career Crush Q&A with Jaime Andrews [WEBINAR]

Hear from fitness fanatic & business owner, Jaime Andrews, on how she went from corporate gym manager to the owner of her own company, Jaime Andrews Fitness, where she helps people achieve physical and mental wellness. Get ready to ask questions LIVE and learn how Jaime made the leap – and so

Analysis to Action: Laquanda’s Career Come-Up Story

When Laquanda and her good friend Ileana came to Bootcamp, they were both feeling trapped in jobs at call center, daydreaming together between cubicle walls. They spent their shifts talking about “one day” pursuing careers they would love, which for Laquanda meant exploring the PR world as a com