Why Is Motivation So Hard to Sustain? [VIDEO]

You know those goals that are so fun to set but hard to follow through on?  In today’s video I’m tackling this question: why is motivation so hard to sustain? As it turns out, there’s a natural rhythm to our reserves of willpower. When we first set a new goal, our motivation is pretty high. [

My Sustainable Foundation for Success

For as long as she could remember, Kyler had health problems.   As she grew older, her health worsened, and Kyler missed work often. “I had no sick time because I was sick all the time,” she said. Missing work and falling behind left Kyler with a growing list of professional ambitions that

The Value of Leaving an Old Goal Behind

This post is part of a series recognizing the achievements of Bossed Up’s Boss of the Year nominees, in celebration of Bossed Up’s official #LaunchLikeABoss Launch Party July 24. Tiffany had a lifelong dream to be the next Katie Couric. After a few years working in finance, she landed a prized