How I Learned to Trust Myself

Accepting a new position and taking on new responsibilities is rewarding, but can also be scary. Gabbi knows this all too well, as she recently accepted a promotion that presented some unique opportunities and challenges. I had the chance to catch up with Gabbi to find out how she’s navigating her

Mastering my Masters #LikeABoss

It’s that time of year: graduation caps flying through the air, congratulations banners flapping in the breeze, books closing and new beginnings beginning. After Lindsey chose to leave the education job she loved to transition into another field altogether, she spent the last two years getting he

Daring to Reframe my Disability

It’s my pleasure to sit down again with Tiffany Yu, a Bootcamp alum I just can’t get enough of! Last year, Tiffany was featured as one of our incredible Boss of the Year nominees and most recently was front and center in the Wall Street Journal as part of her incredible achievements. Read on to

I Finally Feel “Whole” At Work

Emilie: I’m so excited to share your journey with our community, Cari! Tell our bosses who you are and what you’re up to these days: Cari: I am a connector. I view the world through the people in it. Most of all, I love bringing people together to make big things happen.  I work with […]

Promises Kept

Emilie: Jamie, what brought you to Bossed Up to begin with? Jamie: I had just come off working three consecutive campaign cycles and was in between jobs, figuring out what I really wanted next. I’m always looking for opportunities for professional growth and was interested in switching paths. E: N

Corinn’s a Growth Junkie

Starting this month we’re handing the #FierceFriday mic over to these boss ladies themselves in a new Q&A format.  Hear straight from today’s #FierceFriday boss, Corinn, below and leave your comments on the blog below. Emilie: Corinn! I like to call you my SUPERboss, since you’ve been inv

How Deanna Got Fearlessly Fit

As a young professional, it was all too easy for Deanna to get stuck on the happy hour train. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s Friday. It’s 5 o’clock. You’ve been stuck behind your desk all week. Everyone’s heading either home or to happy hour. Aren’t you? For years Deanna was