Finding My Passion in my Profession Again | #FierceFriday

Deidra is a Bossed Up Bootcamp alum who recently launched a new company that delivers a bundle of diverse children’s books each month to parents and educators looking to bring characters of color to the pages they turn in the classroom. A lifelong educational professional, at one point Deidra foun

How I Boosted My Confidence at Work | #FierceFriday

Allison came to Bossed Up Bootcamp this summer looking to boost her professional confidence so she could step up and bring her A-game to her organization. Serving as an associate at Devex, the media platform for the global development community, she was ready to take that next step beyond the “ent

One Trick for Speaking Like a Boss | #FierceFriday

Emma Bloksberg-Fireovid’s a hard-working Partnerships Manager here in Washington, DC and was just a few months into her new job at an education nonprofit when she joined us at Bossed Up Bootcamp this summer. Her goal? To gain clarity on her long-term direction and strengthen her leadership ski

How Kerriann Bounced Back from a Dead-End Job | #FierceFriday

When Kerriann came to Bossed Up Bootcamp, she was facing a fairly depressing future: her organization was in the process of being dissolved, and her position (and all the programs she’d been working on) would soon disappear. Until that fateful day, however, Kerriann had to keep plugging away, demo

“I can’t live like this anymore.” | #FierceFriday

“I can’t live like this anymore.” That was the thought that brought Stephanie to Bossed Up. A hard-charging manager at a fast-paced tech startup in Manhattan, Stephanie was facing her moment of total burnout. I caught up with Steph to hear her full story and learn how she overcame burnout –