Moving Past ‘Hot Mess’ Chic

In the years after college, I was often self-deprecating and unconfident, minimizing my achievements and playing demure as a means to connect — especially with men. I struggled to get concrete about what I wanted in work and in love.

How to Go From Burnt Out to Bossed Up

In the latest episode of Everything Speaks, Lee sits down with Emilie Aries, founder of BossedUp, a nationwide training company that helps women navigate career transition with a special eye towards burnout prevention and crafting a happy, healthy, and sustainable career path.

Fight Burn Out and Get Intentional in Your Career

Emilie Aries, Bossed Up Founder & CEO was featured on the Happen to Your Career podcast last week! Check our the synopsis here and take a listen to all Emilie has to say below! Have you ever experienced career burn out? It seems like now more than ever, we are living in this “burn out cultur

My TEDx Talk: The Power of No

Last fall I had the pleasure of speaking on the TEDx stage at Southern New Hampshire University. With less than 18 minutes to explain what Bossed Up is all about, I chose to hone in on the most powerful 2-letter word I know: NO. Take a watch to kick-start your week with courage and share […]

How to start the negotiation conversation [VIDEO]

In honor of Equal Pay Day (the symbolic holiday that represents how many days US women have worked in 2016 to earn what our male counterparts did in 2015), I want to share one of the ways you and I can advocate for all we’re worth: negotiation. We’ve all heard that we should “Ask for […