How to Make Navigating Uncertainty Fun

As an elementary school teacher, my days consisted of lesson plans, laughter, and inquisitive questions by ten-year-olds. But when I hit burnout, I decided to make a change. I woke up to find myself in a cubicle with coffee and my computer, by myself with my thoughts.

How to Keep Momentum When You’re Not Feeling It

My boss, at the end of a grueling day of both physical and emotional exercise, sat the trainees down in a checkout circle and said, “Go home, get some rest. Practice a little self-care.” She then went around and asked each of us what we planned to do.

5 Signs You’re In A Toxic Workplace

Would you tolerate sending your kids to school every day in a toxic classroom? Would you stand by as your best friend was subjected to a narcissist boss in a workplace that literally made them ill? Probably not. So why justify putting up with this sick status quo yourself?

7 Novels That Will Leave You Inspired

I am all about non-fiction and professional development - but sometimes, when you’re facing burnout at work, you need to turn off your brain and force yourself to adopt a work-life balance that prioritizes time and mental space away from your job.

How to Go From Burnt Out to Bossed Up

In the latest episode of Everything Speaks, Lee sits down with Emilie Aries, founder of BossedUp, a nationwide training company that helps women navigate career transition with a special eye towards burnout prevention and crafting a happy, healthy, and sustainable career path.

Fight Burn Out and Get Intentional in Your Career

Emilie Aries, Bossed Up Founder & CEO was featured on the Happen to Your Career podcast last week! Check our the synopsis here and take a listen to all Emilie has to say below! Have you ever experienced career burn out? It seems like now more than ever, we are living in this “burn out cultur

5 Lessons in Becoming Less Busy

I’m pretty sure busy is bullshit. Or at least all the problems we blame busy for…are bullshit. Messy house, messy energy… too busy. Didn’t call mom, feeling guilty… too busy. Haven’t worked out, feeling like crap as a result… too busy. Staying in the miserable job because the resume

The Secret to Work/Life Balance this Season

“Work-life balance.” It’s as elusive as it is infuriating.  But it’s what we’re all striving for, isn’t it? The ability to feel like a whole person? Not some cog in a machine solely defined by our work product or hours billed or productivity? What if I told you that something you love

How to Speak Your Truth

I lost my voice for an entire year. From Wednesday evening to Friday morning, I whispered my way through my days as an elementary school teacher. By Saturday, I’d be on house arrest because speaking at all was painful. No talking on the phone. No hello’s to my roommates (I literally had signs in