Daring to Go for Gold

Back when Kaitlin came to our Bossed Up Bootcamp hosted by The Lady Project in Rhode Island, she was feeling without a community and without a clear direction. Not only did she leave with a rad new #girlgang, but she set out on a wild journey that’s led her to training full-time for the Olympic [&

Taming the Chaos in my Mind

By all accounts, Alia’s got it going on. With her MBA from Columbia, twin 1-year-olds at home, and visionary leadership as the director of alumni affairs at the Relay Graduate School of Education in New York City, she’s a woman who’s making it work. But when Alia joined us at Bossed Up Bootcam

The Fashion World Almost Killed Me

Lanaysha, known to many as “L,” is a creator. She’s a professional stylist, a budding writer, and a definite hustler. Her company, LBJCo, is something she created on the side while styling affluent shoppers through her day job for one of the largest luxury retail giants in the U.S. As a rising

The Power of Focus

When Kenya came to Bossed Up Bootcamp she found herself juggling many goals, but with no game plan on how to execute them. She was looking to make more of an impact and reconnect with the work that fueled her passion, but that left her riddled with a crazy-long TO DO list. We’ve all been […

How Maria Gave Up Burnout for Balance

Maria is outspoken and loves to give all she can. She’s a friend to all, a passionate advocate for others, and loves to serve those close to her and community.  However, she hit a point this past year when she realized she was giving so much of herself, that there wasn’t anything left for her [

From Finance to Flambé: How Eva Made a Savory Career Switch

After 10 years of routine days at work, Eva’s paycheck was no longer providing her the happiness she needed to be sustainably successful. Eva knew she needed a change, and ended up spending years preparing her pivot. While holding down her day job in finance, she went to culinary school, graduated

How Maggie Handled A Big Career Curveball

Life after college can be tricky. Especially when you are in a new city, at your first job, and have no support system. Then, of course, life brings it’s inevitable bumps in the road. Maggie was thrilled to step into the role of  Special Assistant to the CEO at the American Security Project. Empo