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Happy Friday, boss –

You made it!

I’m mountain-bound at the moment for some much needed downtime on the slopes this weekend after making a ton of progress on the soon-to-launch Bossed Up PODCAST!

While leaving Stuff Mom Never Told You is a MAJOR bummer, I knew I couldn’t leave the practice of podcasting behind for even a moment, and I’m so excited about the new show I have in store for you.

If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe now in Apple PodcastsStitcher, and Google Play so you won’t miss next week’s premiere episode, dropping March 1. And to thank you bosses for helping spread the word, I’m hosting a fun give-away on Instagram that you don’t want to miss!

Getting back in the studio for Bossed Up reminded me of the momentum you can experience when you’re engaged in work you love. I’ve been CRUISING along this week, building this plane as I fly it. It’s a stark contrast to the few weeks of thinking and planning and wondering if I could pull this off that was consuming me earlier this year.

You know that paralysis you feel when you’re considering a daunting new endeavor but haven’t taken the first step just yet? That’s where I was on Feb. 1 – and look where we are now! I had to take a bit of my own advice and move forward by asking for the help I needed. That including reaching out to industry veterans like Gretta Cohn of Transmitter Media who’s helped mentor me through getting started on my own, talking to a few big networks about teaming up to bring this project for life, and hiring a new Production Assistant, Kirby, who joined our team last week to bring this new podcast to life!

If you’re stuck in analysis paralysis right now, know that taking the first step in the right direction just might get you on a roll, too.

Anyway….here’s what I’ve been up to this week:

What I’m Reading:

Chicago Tribune:Even among Harvard MBAs, few black women ever reach corporate America’s top rungs

Important, but infuriating new analysis & a reminder of the double-double-binds facing women of color at work. 

TIME: There’s a True Story Behind Black Panther’s Strong Women. Here’s Why That Matters

NPR: A New Survey Finds 81 Percent Of Women Have Experienced Sexual Harassment

Huffington Post: College’s ‘Women In Math’ Panel Features Only Male Speakers


What I’m Writing:

#TryItTuesday: Love Letters for Everyone!

In this week’s #selfcare challenge, I asked you to write out a note of gratitude – and reap the big rewards!

Bridget and I also released an important new episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You:

What I’m Watching:

Liz Plank answers a fraught employment question: why don’t men want to do “women’s” jobs?

Good on the ‘Gram:

I hand-picked all the items in this week’s pre-launch give-away for boss women who LOVE podcasts! What’s your favorite goodie in this round-up? Get sharing on Insta to win!

🚨 PODCAST PRE-LAUNCH GIVE-AWAY! 🚨 In anticipation of our Bossed Up Podcast debut on March 1, I’ve pulled together some of my FAVE goodies I thought any boss podcast-lover would enjoy! Our give-away winner will get one of our limited edition Keep Bossin’ Mugs and $25 to keep it full of fresh brews from @starbucks! You’ll get wireless headphones, an armband for listening to podcasts while working out, a cute white marble pattern cell phone grip (which doubles as an earbuds holder!), and a battery pack so your phone will never run outta juice! You’ll also get some #selfcare goodies I love like 3 fresh face masks (including a 24K gold one to try!), @sheamoisture lip salve, a @mayfairsoapfoundry bath bomb for those at-home spa nights, and luxurious @zoellabeauty hand lotion. You’ll also get a sweet notebook, our mini Bossed Up Manifesto, and Bossed Up tote bag (not pictured, but in our online shop) to hold it all! TO ENTER: 1⃣ Make sure you’re following @bosseduporg and @emiliearies! 2⃣ Open up your @applepodcasts or @stitcher_podcasts app and take a screenshot once you’ve subscribed to Bossed Up, the podcast! (And yes, we’re working on getting published in Google Play & Spotify very soon!) 3⃣ Post your screenshot on your Instagram feed and tag me at @bosseduporg and @emiliearies in your caption, telling me what you’re MOST excited to hear about on the new podcast! That’s it! Our give-away winner will be selected randomly & announced in the caption of this post on podcast launch day, March 1! And yes, international participants are welcome! GOOD LUCK, BOSSES! 🎁📱😍🎧🙌🏼

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Totally Tweetable

I had to pick 3 tweets this week, because it’s so, so, so important we don’t let the Parkland Massacre fade into our collective rear view mirror:


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