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After over 5 years of making a living through professional public speaking, I’m excited to be hosting my first public speaking training open to everyone and anyone!

I’m offering an ONLINE Master Class and In-Person Intensive Workshop in Denver on Saturday August 24.

My Public Speaking Pro Training is for you if…

  • You want to add another source of revenue to your business
  • You want to hone your message and brand
  • You want to further your public speaking craft
  • You want to land get paid speaking gigs ASAP
I’ve consistently earned six figures in public speaking & training fees over the past 3 years

My ONLINE public speaking Master Class includes:

  • 6 HOURS of public speaking training delivered via 3 different LIVE 2-hour trainings + replay recordings;
  • Your personal questions answered LIVE and in real time;
  • Corresponding workbooks to follow along and engage in breakout exercises and individual reflections, and;
  • A surprise gift to fuel your public speaking business – mailed straight to your home!

My IN PERSON intensive workshop in Denver August 24 includes:

  • 8 HOURS of public speaking training delivered live in person from 9 am to 6pm on Saturday August 24.
  • Your personal questions answered LIVE and in real time;
  • Corresponding workbooks to follow along and engage in breakout exercises and individual reflection;
  • An opportunity for instant public speaking practice and feedback – along with a recorded video for you internal practice;
  • A speaker headshot session with a professional photographer, conducted right on site and delivered digitally for use in bolstering your professional brand;
  • Lunch and snacks provided throughout the day;
  • A 1-on-1 follow-up call with Emilie offered in the month following our in-person training to provide extra personalized consulting and clarify your next steps.
  • And surprise gifts from me to you to help fuel your public speaking business!


What Past Participants say:

“Since attending Emilie’s Public Speaking Pro training in fall of last year, I’ve had an uptick in my speaking engagements and am slated in the first three months of 2019 to make more than I did from speaking engagements for all of 2018!”

“So many things were great, but I enjoyed how interactive the training was and that we had an opportunity to practice and get feedback in real time.”

“Emilie gave practical advice on fine-tuning presentation topics and how to get from proposal to contract. I feel more confident now in asking for more for the value I’m providing. I also met some exceptional classmates from my training session and keep in touch to share notes and progress. I definitely recommend for anyone interesting in growing their speaking business!”

“I love the workbook! It’s so helpful and something I will return to a thousand times over. Also, learning about buzzwords and using artistic license when telling my story was helpful. As was group feedback throughout.”

“Emilie is an energetic and informative trainer. She shares her real-life experiences as a speaker while taking a genuine interest in everyone’s personal story. The hands-on exercises offered practical skill and the group dynamic was motivating and fun. With so much bonding and insight-sharing, I walked away with more clear insight to building my own business in efforts to serve others. Definitely a course for anyone looking to expand or develop their brand.”

“This Public Speaking Pro program is so hands on and practical! The idea of speaking for a living has always seemed like such a foreign and intimidating prospect to me, but Emilie helped me break down my core focus areas and build out a winning curriculum. She made the entire process more approachable and attainable. I left the training feeling motivated and powerful and I am excited for what’s to come!”

“Learning about the business side of public speaking was so helpful for me!”

“This workshop is perfect for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the process of putting together a keynote and becoming a public speaker. Emilie is a wonderful teacher – fun, down-to-earth, strong, brilliant, insightful and just damn good at what she does.”

“This training was such an empowering experience. From really breaking down the importance of being able to understand the intersectionality of your audience to the importance of standing in a power pose, I learned so much about the world of public speaking. Whether you are a beginner looking to get more involved, or you are already speaking to groups in some capacity and looking for some official training, this course is for you!

As a new public speaker, getting this training and guidance was key to becoming more comfortable and confident in front of a crowd. – Maggie Germano

Learn to command any room and deliver a winning keynote speech



What topics are covered?

Both the online and in person workshop covers the following topics:

  • Honing Your Personal Brand for Public Speaking
  • Telling Your Story to Inspire Action
  • Designing a Powerful Training Module for Adult Learners
  • Strengthening Your Public Speaking Performance
  • Making a Living Through Public Speaking

Which is better – the online or in person experience?

I’m a big believer in the power of in-person experiences, as they tend to be more intimate. But if you can’t join me in person this season, the online Master Class is the next best option! The goal of offering the online option is to make this training even more accessible to people everywhere.

When will the online master classes be offered?

The exact dates/times will be customized depending on the preference of our registrants, but I’m definitely hosting them during the weeks of August 19th and August 26. I’ll be hosting 3 separate 2-hour online workshops, and will send video replays of those workshops as soon as they’re finished to all registered.

I can’t make it to Denver, when will the next in person workshop be?

I’m not 100% sure just yet, but am considering Saturday Dec. 7, also in Denver. I’ll announce as soon as I know more.

I’m not sure this training is right for me. Can I ask you more about it?

Absolutely! Send me any/all questions at



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