#GetYoMoney Negotiation Challenge

#GetYoMoney Negotiation Course


In this step-by-step 5 lesson email course, you’ll get everything you need to navigate the negotiation process from start to finish.

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Nervous about your next negotiation?


Know you should “ask for more,” but not sure how?


Ready for a raise, but afraid you’ll come off as ungrateful?


If you’re ready to own your power and advocate for all you’re worth at the negotiation table, don’t miss this 5-lesson course!


It’s time to #GetYoMoney, boss!


Do you want to feel calm and confident going into your next negotiation? Do you know you’re underpaid and ready to finally do something about it? Whether you’re looking for a new job offer or want to ask your current employer for a raise, this is the challenge for you.


Join our supportive community of Bossed Up women for a step-by-step 5-email course to:

  • Discover the right way to determine your market value.
  • Learn how to smoothly start the negotiation conversation.
  • Craft a powerful counter-offer…
  • And deliver it with unshakeable confidence!
  • Navigate the negotiation process starting with the job application
  • You’ll even learn all the common pitfalls to watch out for – and how handle them like a boss.


Why Now?

On average, women still make 80 cents to every dollar a man makes. At this rate, women will have to wait until the year 2119 to get equal pay. It’s time to change that.


If you’ve been job searching or are itching for a raise, now’s the time to practice your negotiation strategy. In our imperfect world, we women have to play our cards right – and the expert career advice at Bossed Up will help you craft the happy, healthy, and sustainable career path you deserve.


Is This Course for Me?

The #GetYoMoney Course is designed to provide a clear, comprehensive process – complete with in-depth lessons delivered by email and worksheets to help you get everything in order for your next salary negotiation.


We’re going to set you up with the most effective, research-based strategies to ensure you get everything you deserve (and maybe a little more ;D)!


Sign up for this course if you are:

  • Not sure if you’re being paid what you’re worth in your current role
  • Want to learn how to negotiate your salary, benefits, or really ANYTHING you want.
  • Are sick of hearing there’s “nothing in the budget” to pay you more
  • Want to maximize your earning potential to live the life you want.


What Will I Learn?

  • How to do the research to know if you’re being paid fairly
  • How to navigate the entire negotiation conversation from interview to sealing the deal
  • How to craft a killer counter-offer
  • How to deliver your counter-offer with a mic drop
  • How to overcome common pitfalls in negotiation
  • And MORE!


What do I get when I purchase this course?

  • 5 unique lessons delivered by email
  • 2 worksheets to help you plan your next negotiation
  • Direct links to Bossed Up resources that will help you negotiate #LikeABoss
  • FREE access to the #GetYoMoney Master Class valued at $14.99 in Lesson 1
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