COURSE: Bossed Up For Life



Hustling to have it all, but too overwhelmed to enjoy it?


Instead of feeling overworked, over-scheduled, and over it, what if you were fully engaged at work, with your loved ones, and even during that essential “me time” you need to feel whole?


What if you knew how to get the support you need to make this life possible?


In this step-by-step program, say
goodbye to burnout and step up as
the boss of your life.


In the self paced course, we’ll walk through the 4 program modules featuring videos, interactive worksheets, and readings designed to help you tame the overwhelm and get on the path to sustainable success.


What you’ll learn:
  • When and why burnout strikes – and how to prevent it
  • How to design your life around what matters most to you
  • The key skills you need to feel in charge of your trajectory
  • How to stay calm in the face of setbacks and get the support you need


With video-based lessons, interactive exercises, and downloadable cheat sheets, you can take part in Bossed Up for Life anywhere, any time, and on any device that works for you.


Along the way, you’ll join a community of Bossed Up women who are here to support and hold you accountable to living your #bosslife – for good!


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