The Courage to Lead ft. Ilyse Hogue [WEBINAR]

My guest on Power Lunch today is one of the most powerful women in Washington. Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL, joined me to discuss how she crafted a career with passion and purpose, and to share her advice for how to do the same.

You can watch the full playback below. Here are my three biggest take-aways from what Ilyse had to share:

1. Own your worth – as an individual.

“All of this starts with owning your worth” says Ilyse, and she’s absolutely right. If we women define our worth only in relation to others (as mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, or even employees), then it’s impossible to demand that we be treated with respect, whether in our relationships or in our workplaces. “[Self-advocacy] has to come from a place of internal power,” said Ilyse, “We are valuable in and of ourselves.” When you come from this starting place of self-worth, you’re more able to turn down the opportunities that aren’t right for you, walk away from toxic workplaces and relationships, and focus on your priorities and your purpose.

2. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself

Like we say in the Bossed Up Manifesto: everything is negotiable. “When came to me,” says Ilyse, “I negotiated from a place of good faith.” She didn’t want to say no to a great opportunity, but she wanted to make the job work for her, too. “Expand your idea of what you’re negotiating,” Ilyse reminded us. Flex time, benefits (including contraception and other essential health coverage), travel reimbursement, or yes, a higher salary that’s more aligned with your value in the marketplace. Whatever you need to be sustainable and show up fully in the workplace, ask for it. Make the workplace work for you, too, because “employers do not want to lose their people,” said Ilyse, “they just don’t.”

3. Know when to say “no”

When you’re operating from a place of self-worth and practice advocating for yourself, there will be times when “no” is the right answer. Sometimes a great opportunity may come your way that’s just not great for you. Knowing when to walk away and knowing when to pick your battles is part of being a good leader. Choose your battles and choose where to invest your energy wisely, boss.

Watch Ilyse’s full Power Lunch playback below and weigh in with your comments to share how you can put these tips to use in your life right now:


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