How to Take Big Risks [WEBINAR]

Filmmaker Nicole Boxer is not afraid of taking risks.

That theme became abundantly clear throughout her career journey, which she shared on today’s Power Lunch interview – our new series of candid conversations with exceptional women who crafted careers with passion and purpose.

As a part of the #FierceFall Challenge, we’re hosting weekly Q & A conversations with women like Nicole to hear what inspired their career journey.

Today Nicole had many words of wisdom to share – here are my top three take-aways from our conversation:

  1. “Have confidence in your goals”

Nicole says people are still taken aback by her confidence – it goes farther than you can imagine! What differentiates her from others in the cut-throat film industry? “When I have a goal in mind, I’m not going to stop until I achieve it.” She added that her mother, Senator Barbara Boxer instilled within her a sense of confidence from a young age. “She made me believe I can truly do anything I put my mind to.”

  1. Surround yourself with the right people

First, Nicole says, get rid of the wrong people in your life. “Trust your intuition – listen to those red flags that emerge, telling you when you’re not with the right people.” This is a skill she’s proud of have honed in recent years, when she started taking seriously the process of looking within and listening to her own gut more. When you first believe in yourself, and then surround yourself with “people who think you’re amazing, think you’re a star,” Nicole says that’s the winning recipe.

  1. Take on projects you’re truly motivated by

Over the course of Nicole’s career, she’s produced and directed documentary films that are inherently courageous and advocacy-oriented. Her latest, The Hunting Ground, exposes the hard truth about rampant sexual assault on college campuses and even teamed up with Lady Gaga with her new PSA for the song, Till it Happens to You.

When you take on meaningful work, you can’t stop in the face of setbacks, says Nicole. “You can’t quit. You’re so driven to keep going – not just for yourself, but for the lives you’re affecting.”

How can you put these #bosstips to practice in your own life right now? Share your story in the comments below and be sure to sign up to join us for our upcoming #FierceFall webinars, featuring other incredible women who will help you craft a happy, healthy, and sustainable career.



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