My TEDx Talk: The Power of No

Last fall I had the pleasure of speaking on the TEDx stage at Southern New Hampshire University. With less than 18 minutes to explain what Bossed Up is all about, I chose to hone in on the most powerful 2-letter word I know: NO.

Take a watch to kick-start your week with courage and share your comments below:

How do you handle situations that call for a “NO”? What might you add to the concepts I discussed? Which have worked well and which do you struggle with?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. […] If you are not hearing “no” as a regular part of your work life, odds are you are not asking for enough. Strive to get at least one “no” a week, and stop limiting what is possible. […]

  2. Katelynn Cooper says:

    For me it was breaking down in tears in a bathroom while everyone told me their Brunch plans for a long weekend for presidents day!

    This is so important!


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