Why Is Motivation So Hard to Sustain? [VIDEO]

You know those goals that are so fun to set but hard to follow through on? 

In today’s video I’m tackling this question: why is motivation so hard to sustain?

As it turns out, there’s a natural rhythm to our reserves of willpower.

When we first set a new goal, our motivation is pretty high. Think back to last month – did you set New Year’s Resolutions? In last week’s video, I talked about the “fresh start effect” that makes us so focused and motivated around new beginnings, like in January. This is a similar concept.

But as we continue ahead in pursuit of our new goal, our motivation takes a nosedive. This is known as the “middle dip” of motivation. But once our destination is within sight (assuming we continue on through the slog), our motivation spikes back up again.

So what can we do to keep our motivation high?

I outline three key strategies in today’s video:1. Set sub-goals

By creating clear benchmarks that get you to your bigger goal, you can actually reduce the duration of the middle dip itself.

2. Use rewards!

Okay, so maybe we no longer find gold star stickers as motivating as we once did, but that doesn’t mean that other kinds of goodies won’t work. Connect the progress you’re making on your long-term goal with life’s simple pleasures and you’ll be be surprised by how much more motivated you’ll remain.

3. Indulge together

Going to waver on your good record? Take a break from making progress? Or dare I say CHEAT on your goal?!

Indulge with a friend instead of going it alone and you’ll save yourself a lot more guilt down the road. Plus, you’ll strengthen your relationship and get back on track faster.


How do you keep going when the going gets tough?

Weigh in below to share with our community of courage.


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