Meet our 2017 Boss of the Year Nominees!

Introducing our 2017 Boss of the Year nominees!

Each year we nominate 5 Bossed Up Bootcamp alums who’ve shown what it means to get Bossed Up and celebrate their courage and strength at our annual Boss of the Year Party!

These are women who’ve demonstrated what it means to step up as the boss of your life. They’ve shown incredible courage and resilience, and in doing so, inspired countless others.

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Elizabeth Russell

Elizabeth bossed up when she negotiated her salary at her new place of employment, but she hadn’t planned on facing negotiation nightmares. When the initial negotiation didn’t stick, she persisted in order to get what she was owed and deserved. Elizabeth stood up and became her own advocate in negotiation despite the challenges that were in front of her. Read her #FierceFriday Feature>>

Brittany Ross

When Brittany knew she desired more from her career, she quit her job and moved to DC without any guarantees for next steps. Brittany knew she owed it to herself to follow her dreams because she was worth it. With the help of a bridge job, Brittany was able to take a risk and found the perfect position just a month later. Read her #FierceFriday Feature>>

Emma Bloksberg-Fireovid

After attending Bootcamp, Emma knew she wanted to really assert herself and let her confidence shine through. The removal of qualifiers from Emma’s speech has gotten her colleagues’ attention who now recognize her authority and value. When speaking, Emma is intentional in “sticking her landing” like the boss she is. Read her #FierceFriday Feature>>

Allison Punch

Allison left Bootcamp feeling empowered and ready to show her newfound confidence in the workplace. As her capability in the office rose, so did her positional duties, and compensation. Instead of asking for permission, Allison takes action. Read her #FierceFriday Feature>>

Loryn Wilson Carter

Loryn struggled through a career transition in a bridge job until she was let go and escorted out of the building like a criminal. During her job search, Loryn learned to listen to her gut and ask for help when she needed it. Bootcamp gave her the confidence to be assertive and land a job that was finally the right fit. Read her #FierceFriday Feature>>

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