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Happy Tuesday, boss!

Sunday morning as the boo and I were sipping on fresh-made mean green juice (a desperate attempt to kick #BradTheBoo’s cold to the curb!), I tuned in to CBS Sunday morning and saw this oh-so-sweet tear-jerker of a segment.

Warning: precious father-daughter feels ahead:

It reminded me of the power of the written word – no matter how brief.

And it got me thinking: when’s the last time you actually sat down and put pen to paper to write to the ones you love most? In the world of texting, FaceTime and GIPHY gifs in email (my favorite of all love languages), it’s been a while since I wrote to the ones I love most in my life.

As it turns out, expressing your gratitude to others is a form of self-love itself.

Dr. Martin Seligman, one of the founding scientists in the field of positive psychology, conducted a series of experiments on gratitude and happiness with over 400 people. He found that writing and delivering a letter of gratitude to someone caused participants to experience an enormous and long-lasting boost in happiness, with benefits lasting for a month!

Express Yourself

That’s why this week, I want you to embrace self-love by sharing the love.

Each day this week, write a note expressing your gratitude and deliver it to someone who deserves to be thanked. Maybe it’s as simple as a sticky note to a colleague or a postcard to a distant relative. Maybe it’s a love letter to your boo, a quick note to your childhood bestie, or a poem to your pet!

I want to see you check in with me on Twitter, Instagram, and the Courage Community on Facebook to let me know how it’s going, too.

Try It!

It was my childhood bestie’s birthday yesterday, so I spent a few moments writing her a long-overdue love note telling her how much her friendship still means to me today and how excited I am to see her become a MOM this year – she’s my bestie with a baby bump!

Now I wanna see how YOU share the love each day this week.

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