Kick-Start Your New Year LIVE With Me!

Ready to kick-start your 2018?

I’m thrilled to be hosting 3 LIVE Master Class trainings in January all about making the MOST of our brand-new LifeTracker Planner!

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Our research-backed methodology is designed to help you embrace your ambition and commit to self-care. I’m not interested in setting you up for success for a few days or weeks – we’re all about striving for sustainable success.

Purchase your LifeTracker Planner NOW to join me LIVE on January 3, 17, and 29 to understand the secrets to sustainable success.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

JAN 4 @ 8 pm ET: LifeTracker 101 & The Fresh Start Effect

So you’ve got your planner in hand, but how exactly do you use it? This isn’t your ordinary planner, and I want to make sure you get the most out of it. Walk through the LifeTracker Planner step by step with me and learn to capitalize on the “fresh start effect” as we kick off the new year together!

JAN 17 @ 8 pm ET: Overcoming the Middle Dip in Motivation

Ever feel stuck in the murky middle on the journey to achieving your goals? It’s supremely common! At this monthly halfway point, we’ll break down how to sustain your motivation through the “middle dip” like a boss!

JAN 29 @ 8 pm ET: Getting Past Guilt & Reaping Rewards

You’ve made it through your first month of the new year, but now what? I’ll talk about the important cognitive benefits of celebrating your wins – and cultivating compassion in the face of your shortcomings (easier said than done, I know!).  We’ll check in on how your first month of using the LifeTracker Planner has worked for you and how to reset for February.  After all, a new month brings another fresh start.


Can’t wait to tune in for these live Master Classes with me?! Want the replay sent to you? Get exclusive access to all 3 of these Master Classes with your purchase of the LifeTracker Planner NOW!


I look forward to kick-starting 2018 with you and our incredible community of boss women who lift as we climb! 

Emilie Aries is the Founder & CEO of Bossed Up and the co-host of Stuff Mom Never Told You, the fiercely feminist podcast by HowStuffWorks.

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