How to Show Your Leadership Skills in Your Resume

Today, leadership skills in employees are critical for every employer. Regardless of a position, a perfect candidate should possess them. Why? Does it mean that companies look to hire people who excel at bossing everyone around?

Obviously, that’s not the case.. Leadership is appreciated because it is much more than just about being “in charge.” For example, a true leader is someone who is confident, respectful, positive, and motivating. This person can really influence people around them and inspire them to achieve more.

Show your potential employers that you’re that person by learning how to showcase leadership skills in your resume.

  1. List Your Achievements

If you have accomplished great results on your previous jobs, it’s time to tell the world about them. Don’t be afraid that an employer will see them and think that you’re showing off because the resume is the perfect place to display your achievements.

For example, you may have recently completed a large project or helped the company to increase sales. This is the kind of information any employer would like to see on a resume. So, when you’re writing a resume, feel free to show off a bit and describe your achievements.

  1. No Hypothetical Claims, Just Concrete Examples

People often describe situations where they demonstrated certain qualities such as leadership skills. For example, they may have led a team to improve marketing results or started an initiative to end workplace bullying or maybe you’ve outperformed your colleagues in a male-dominated niche company.

If you decide to describe a situation like this, be specific and provide examples. Otherwise, a person reading your resume will not have something tangible to look at. Describe your skills in action and provide measurable results.

  1. List Awards and Recognition

If you have an award or some other kind of recognition for your leadership skills, be sure to include information about them in your resume. Writing an entire section may not be necessary, so just highlight key skills and what led you to be recognized.

This way, you’re providing evidence that you’re a confident leader whose expertise and ability are appreciated by others.

  1. Use Strong Words

There are hundreds of words and phrases that’ll help a person reading your resume understand that you have what it takes to be a leader. “Some people think that these strong words make a resume look more informal, but in reality, they make the text more readable by helping to avoid stiffness,” Emma Russel, an assignment writer. “Moreover, they add some dynamics and make it lighter.”

Here is the list of strong words that you could use to illustrate your leadership skills:

  • Optimized
  • Ignited
  • Transformed
  • Modernized
  • Pioneered
  • Revitalized
  • Spearheaded

The next section contains words for demonstrating your ability to develop others:

  • Ignited
  • Supported
  • Coached
  • Mentored
  • Shaped
  • Advocated
  • Uplifted
  • Motivated

Words to show that you’re an influential person:

  • Spurred
  • Propelled
  • Won
  • Convinced
  • Mobilized
  • Negotiated
  • Prompted

Words to convince an employer that you’re a skilled leader when it comes to finances:

  • Drove growth
  • Negotiated
  • Invested
  • Cut costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced
  • Budgeted

Also, don’t forget to use conventional verbs like “to incorporate,” “to enforce,” and “to lead” (obviously).

  1. Use Measurable, Quantitative Results

This tip is actually connected with all mentioned above. When you’re writing a resume, and you’ve decided to give some specifics, there is no way you could do that without measurable results. For example, if you’re saying that the team you led succeeded by “increasing the sales,” you’re not impressing a potential employer.

Why? Because 0.2 percent is also an increase. But does this result matter a lot for the company? Of course not. So, the employer may think that you’ve chosen to avoid providing some figures because they are not impressive.

On the other hand, if you write that your team has “increased sales by 10 percent,” it gives a potential employer something to think about.

  1. List Relevant Courses

It’s likely that you’ve completed some courses to improve your leadership skills and received a certificate to prove it. Hiring managers are looking for people interested in constant improvement and personal development, and the fact that you took a course on leadership shows a commitment to that.

Moreover, leadership courses have real benefits because they enhance your skills and abilities. For example, they can help you improve your goal setting skills to become a more organized leader.

The Bottom Line

Showing your leadership skills on your resume is something that you have to do regardless of the position that you’re trying to fill. Hiring managers are looking for people they can trust to lead projects to completion and deliver impressive results.

These tips can help you to create an impressive resume and get that position you deserve. Feel free to let us know which ones worked for you the best!


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