How to Play the Waiting Game Without Going Fully Insane

Patience has never been one of my finer virtues.

Like many of us, I’m used to all this quick and instant stuff. Fast responses. Immediate feedback. Instant connections. But I do trust one thing: beautiful things can take time. Lots of time.

There are plenty of things that I’m currently waiting for in my life. Waiting for answers. Waiting for people. Waiting for my own decisions about where to go and how to go about it. There are five things, specifically, that I’m waiting for in this very moment. Two I’d bucket into huge, life-altering waiting games, and the rest are casual yet important. Some days I want to sit on my hands, close my eyes, and wake up when the waiting is over. But I know that this – the waiting – is actually the most beautiful part.

Because, because, because….

Because the beauty of playing the waiting game is that anything is possible. In that moment when you’re waiting, despite your nerves, your wanting, and maybe even your doubts, a whole universe of possibility is before you. You have infinite choice of what steps to take, where to eventually go, how to react and who you want to become.

Waiting isn’t purgatory. Rather, it’s a bridge from now until then. You know, the one that gives you the best view ever of what’s ahead and what’s rushing below.

Where we get weird about waiting is the amount of inaction that comes along with it. It’s where I get REAL weird. Ask any of my 17 closest humans… I’d been practically incapable of making plans for the next 8 months because I was waiting for something to close out that could affect my whole life. And until I know which way it’s going, I’m wasn’t committing. I wasn’t acting. I wasn’t deciding.

As a generally decisive person, that whole uncommitted thing can make me feel crazy. On some guilty days, it can make me feel like a bad friend or loved one. But I know this is all part of the journey and I am committed to something major — I just have to wait for it. Waiting and creating space for what may or may not come is a reflection of the investment in what it is that you’re waiting for. Some small things are worth putting off so the big things can go well. Super well.

So if you’re waiting, patiently or not, remember…
  1. Waiting IS the process of doing. You’re not inactive, you’re just in the inactive stage.
  2. Only put your eggs in all of waiting’s basket if you’re real with the reality it may not go how you want it to.
  3. Give a damn about the outcome. Light candles. Ask friends to light theirs. Crystal focus wills resilience.
  4. Don’t take your mind of it. Research out there says distractions don’t actually help you wait.

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