How the Right Headshots Can Build Your Brand [WEBINAR]

In today’s digital age, where LinkedIn profiles and personal websites seem so integral to navigating career transition, having the right headshot is an important part of the personal brand equation. And yet, we rarely talk about how to make sure you get the most out of your headshots.

Luckily, photographer extraordinaire Victoria Ruan walked us through the process on yesterday’s Boss Toolkit webinar, which you can watch in full below. But first, here are my top three tips for getting the right shot.


  1. Remember that YOU are the director of your shoot

Before you step in front of the lens, do your homework. Consider where exactly you want to use these photos. Who is your priority audience? What are you goals? What what messages do you want to convey in your photos?

Talk with your most trusted friends to explore outfit and styling options. A good photographer will be a coach and collaborator with you in this process, but before they can help, you need to give them something to consider.

Make time for a consultation (Victoria says that over the phone or in person are both fine) to get clear on your ideal outcomes for the shoot, and hear what suggestions your photographer might have in terms of locations and looks.


  1. Find a photographer who will be your teammate

As Victoria says, “Your headshots are the product that you and your photographer are creating together.” It takes two to tango in this business, so you want to be sure that you’re both clear on your goals at the start and open to constructive feedback throughout the shoot.

Explore and experiment together. “Have fun with it!” says Victoria. A great photographer will make it her job to make you feel comfortable. When locking down your photographer, ask for referrals from friends who had positive experiences, or ask the photographers you’re interested in if you can speak with some of their recent clients about their experiences.


  1. Feeling awesome is always photogenic

There is no single formula for the right clothes, style, and pose to communicate the message you want to in your portraits. But remember that feeling strong, confident, and powerful is a good look on everyone. Leave the dress that makes you feel frumpy at home. Opt for something that makes you feel like a boss, as I like to say, and you’re sure to give off that vibe in your photos as well.

One of Victoria’s top tips? Bring along a buddy who’s sole job is to help style you (she’s the one fluffing your hair and pulling your shirt just right) and encourage you with lots of positive feedback.


Learn more about Victoria and see some of her work here.


Are you planning on taking headshots soon? How can you put thes #bosstips to practice? Share your story in the comments below and be sure to sign up for our upcoming #FierceFall webinars, featuring other incredible women who will help you craft a happy, healthy, and sustainable career.


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