How Kerriann Bounced Back from a Dead-End Job

When Kerriann came to Bossed Up Bootcamp, she was facing an uncertain future: her organization was in the process of being dissolved, and her position (and all the programs she’d been working on) would soon disappear.

Until that fateful day, however, Kerriann had to keep plugging away, despite feeling hamstrung and helpless.

She and her colleague, Joanne, both joined us at Bootcamp, and I caught up with Kerriann to see how things have been going since then.

Emilie: I’m so excited to catch up with you, Kerriann! How have things been since Bootcamp, boss?

Kerriann: Pretty good, aside from the few months of wallowing in despair at my old job, hah!

E: I’m so sorry to hear about your organization folding. That must have been so demoralizing. How did you bounce back?

K: My colleague and I came to Bossed Up Bootcamp together to continue our own feeling of growth and progress in our careers. What I realized then is that I was committed to staying in this field, working on issues relating to youth health and development, preferably with even more of a hands-on role conducting original academic research. Gaining that clarity really helped to direct my next steps.

E: That’s great. What were those next steps?

K: I knew I needed to find a new job, so I polished up my resume, updated my LinkedIn profile, and set off to have as many informational interviews and networking meetings as I could to explore what options were out there.

All summer long as things were winding down at my old job, I made time to have about four informational interviews a week and a least one coffee meeting each week to really get myself out there and see what was happening in the industry. I even travelled to New York City from DC for some of these coffee dates and lunches. I figured why not expand my playing field if I have the chance?

E: Wow – that’s awesome, Kerriann! I’m a big believer in the power of one-on-one meetings.

K: They really paid off, too! After I made the time to invest in myself and my future at Bossed Up Bootcamp, I realized I could make the time each week to advocate for myself in that same way. After proclaiming my goals out loud and with such a community of accountability, I was more motivated than ever to follow through.

E: That’s fantastic!

K: I’m thrilled to report that just two weeks ago I received a formal offer for my ideal position, at an organization I know is going to be a great fit and a launching pad for where I want to go next with my career and life. I couldn’t be more excited!

E: Congratulations! That’s amazing, Kerriann!

K: I’m so grateful. I was even able to successfully negotiate a higher starting salary, too!

E: Seriously – you rock, Kerriann! I’m so proud of you, boss!

K: Thank you! And thanks to the whole Bossed Up team for creating such a powerful space where it’s safe to be vulnerable and ambitious at the same time. I’ve come back to this community time and again – and it’s truly a place where I feel lifted up.


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  1. Shavon Campbell says:

    Awesome testimonial on this Fabulous Friday! She is truly motivational and Inspirational, just the mere fact that she never gave up and it paid off in the end! Congratulations Kerriann! SC


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