How I Boosted My Confidence at Work

Allison came to Bossed Up Bootcamp this summer looking to boost her professional confidence so she could step up and bring her A-game to her organization. Serving as an associate at Devex, the media platform for the global development community, she was ready to take that next step beyond the “entry level” and showcase her leadership potential.

I caught up with Allison to see how things have been going for her since Bootcamp.

Emilie: Hey Allison! So tell me – how did you start to improve your confidence at work after Bootcamp?

Allison: First, I decided that this was going to be my number-one priority for the month after Bootcamp. With all the goals I’m juggling, it was important to give myself permission to focus on that effort above everything else I have going on – even if just for a month. Setting that intention was key.

From there, I honed in on which moments at work were chipping away at my confidence. I identified when I didn’t feel strong, acknowledged what was going on, and then was better able to deal with it.

By identifying exactly when I didn’t feel strong, I took my power back. I reframed those moments as opportunities to actively practice building my confidence, not just passively feeling powerless.  

Emilie: So how did you make the switch?

Allison: I recognized that when my team lead was around, I asked her questions all day long and never felt like I knew enough to move forward without her direct input. An opportunity to change this arose when my team lead was on vacation for a week. During that time I stepped up, ventured forward confidently into the unknown, and recognized that even if I didn’t have all the answers, I could find them.

The answers are there! I can figure them out! And furthermore, I reached out and asked for the help from my fellow team members when I needed it. Over the course of that week, I started to feel a new sense of authority. I realized I can do it.

Emilie: That’s awesome! How did your team lead react when she got back?

My new sense of confidence and capability did not go unnoticed. I should mention that this was at a time when our team went from a staff of five just two of us in our department, so it was totally my time to step up and rise to the challenge.

My team lead and I had a conversation about how well I was performing and my role expanded to include new responsibilities and a bonus structure fit to my role.

Emilie: Congratulations, Allison! That’s incredible! How do you feel Bossed Up Bootcamp helped in this whole process?

Allison: First of all, the community was awesome. I ended up having lunch with a fellow Bootcamp alum afterwards to talk through my whole negotiation approach, and we swapped stories and strategies in a way that helped me feel so much more prepared.

It’s was amazing to meet people across industries struggling with the same challenges: how to grow, how to level up, and how to be seen as leaders.

Emilie: Totally! I’m so proud of all the progress you’ve made, boss!

Allison: Thanks. I feel much more empowered in my role now. I don’t need to wait for permission to take steps forward and importantly: my confidence doesn’t hinge on constant affirmation from other people.
It was great to be able to put it all together at Bootcamp and know that the Bossed Up community is always going to be there when I need it. I can put these tools to use now, and know I can always go back to them later, too.

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    Well done Allison, this is fantastic!


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