How I got Bossed Up

by Laquanda Fields

Last March, I found the courage to end a career that made me unhappy. I lost sight of my career goals and the work I did was unfulfilling. Just as I thought I was unsure about what to do next, I stumbled upon Bossed Up Bootcamp. Bossed Up is an organization with the mission to empower women to achieve personal and professional success. The bootcamp is a two-day conference focused on developing the skills to achieve that success.

Within a month of leaving behind the only life I knew, my best friend and I traveled to Boston to get Bossed Up. Looking back, I was unsure about the weekend ahead, but I was hopeful that this experience would give me the mindset to piece together the puzzle of my professional life.By getting Bossed Up, I gained the tools to take control of my professional life. I’ve listed a few takeaways from Bootcamp that have helped me start on the road to crafting my future career.

Vision and Identity: Be the Boss (of your life)

Creating a vision for my life allowed me to write my desired future, using the present tense as though my goals had already been achieved. I still have my vision written down and refer to it regularly. With identifying your vision comes courage. Finding that courage helped me step outside my comfort zone and put myself out there to network with professionals. For example, I made a personal commitment to introduce myself to a PR professional at the next PRSA networking event. At the Rochester Annual Business Meeting, I followed through with my commitment. I built up the courage and made the connection I needed. The best part? It paid off. This initial feat is what earned me a position as intern with McDougall Communications.

Growing Your Community: It Takes a Bossed Up Village

Expanding your network is just as important as gaining professional experience through internships. I have surrounded myself with other “Bosses,” I ask questions and I absorb as much information as I can. These habits, in addition to interning, have allowed me to develop relationships with professionals in my career field. Building your professional community is worth the time and will pay off.

Goal Attainment: Managing, Tracking and Abandoning

That weekend, we received a Life Tracker. It sounds very official and believe me it is. The purpose of the Life Tracker is to holistically visualize your future across the different facets of your life as well as your commitments that will allow your vision to come to fruition. It has helped me stay accountable for reaching my goals and has worked as my “check in.” One of my goals has been to earn my second college degree. My number one commitment for this vision is “plan to complete,” a phrase that I came up with to remind me that planning is a big part of success.

There is nothing more rewarding than setting a goal and visualizing your future as you work toward it. Defining your own success. That is what Bossed Up Bootcamp is about. Every time I surpass a goal, I’ll have my Bossed Up sisters to thank. As we say in Bootcamp, “I’ll snap to that!”

Written by Laquanda Fields. Laquanda has been a public relations intern with McDougall Communications since November, 2014. Follow Laquanda on Twitter at @QuandaPR.

Bossed Up Bootcamp – Boston 2014

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