My Boss Congratulated Me for Negotiating

On average, only 7% of women attempt to negotiate their salary.

Gray, a 27-year-old Marketing Associate and recent Bossed Up Bootcamp participant, recalled this statistic as she weighed an exciting new job offer.

In the weeks following Bossed Up Bootcamp, she had a difficult conversation with her supervisor, in which she described why she was thinking of leaving her job. Gray started looking for new opportunities without feeling anxious or overwhelmed, as she had been before, and she reached out to members of her Bossed Up Bootcamp cohort for support and encouragement.

Turn a job offer into a negotiation

When she got the offer, she put on her most assertive voice and negotiated her salary for the first time ever. She negotiated for 5.5% more than their starting offer, almost 9% more than she was making at her last job. At the end of the negotiation, the CEO of the company shook her hand and said, “Well done for asking.”

Gray was thrilled to take the new job at the negotiated, higher offer.

The reality is, the negotiation table can be a minefield for women! Studies show that the kind of assertive communication required in negotiation is inversely correlated with likability for women. Men, on the other hand, rarely have to contend with this double-bind.

The gender gap in negotiation

Negotiation and gender expert Linda Babcock found that while yes, a large gender gap persists in terms of who attempts to negotiate (57% of men and only 7% of women), among those who did, they saw an average bump in salary of 7%.

That’s why it’s so important to know our worth and dare to ask for more. You must choose to be among the minority of women attempting to negotiate in order to be among those seeing an average 7% increase in salary.

We’re optimistic that there are more supervisors like Gray’s new boss out there – congratulating women who dare to ask for more. The world is changing, but only if we help it along by following Gray’s example and deciding to negotiate.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing well,” says Gray. When we consider it part of our job to negotiate like a boss, we can all find the courage to do our part.

“The salary increase is awesome,” says Gray, “but the community of supportive women and the training I received at Bossed Up, is worth far more than money.”


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