Get Your Hair Wet! [WEBINAR]

My guest on Power Lunch today, Meredith Walker, is the Co-Creator of Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, the incredible online community that encourages young women and girls to “change the world by being yourself.”

As the former head of Talent Development at SNL and producer for Nickelodeon’s NICK NEWS, Meredith sat down with me to share how she crafted her creative career with passion and purpose.

You can watch the full playback below, and catch my favorite three take-aways that Meredith had to share here:

Buckle up, it’s a ride.

Listen, boss. Life comes with its twists and turns – and it can take some time to find your footing. You know those Facebook friends of yours who seem super successful? Well, sometimes even they aren’t feeling the same way inside. Have patience with yourself and remember: we’re all on our own journey.

“There were a lot of mistakes made because I didn’t ‘play the game’ very well,” says Meredith. “For me, that was okay. I didn’t want to be able to play that game well. What [those mistakes] did get me to were my late thirties, when I got the chance to become even more authentic by creating Smart Girls with Amy.”

Give of yourself.

Feeling tapped? Exhausted? Depleted? While it might seem counter-intuitive at first, finding a way to give back – even when you’re at your most burnt out – can be a powerful and instant pick-me-up. Help others and in doing so, help yourself.

“Find a way to be of service,” says Meredith. “That’s the thing that always helps. It works for work, heartache, grief, and even happy times too. That’s the way to stay sane.” Just check out the feel-good work Meredith and the Smart Girls team is taking part in through their Heavy Petting series here. (Warning: lots of warm n’ fuzzy feelings ahead!).

Get your hair wet!

A while back, Meredith noticed that too many women she saw at the swimming pool were so worried about their makeup or hair or generally appearing ladylike that they wouldn’t jump in and get in on the fun. Sometimes you just have to do things for pure FUN! You have to do some things just to do ‘em! “Get all the way in there,” says Meredith, “Jump in! Have some fun! Say ‘yes’ to that thing. It might be a little risky, you might look kinda dorky, but do it. That’s how you build up an interesting self.”

Watch Meredith’s Power Lunch playback below and weigh in with your comments to share how you can put these tips to use in your life right now:


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