Want What You Want – No Apologies

Robin is a self-proclaimed introvert. At 5 feet 2 inches, her voice often emerges softly from behind her dark framed glasses amidst a blaze of fire-engine red hair. You would never have guessed that a year before coming to Bootcamp, Robin bought herself a motorcycle.

And not just any old ‘hog.’ She picked up a stunning vintage Honda from 1970 with a bright cobalt blue body and black leather trim. It had been sitting in her backyard in Providence, Rhode Island, a symbol of a deep desire half-fulfilled.

After Bootcamp, Robin left on a mission to live the life she wanted. With renewed courage, a clarity of vision, and a community of bosses backing her up, she mapped out her next steps to achieving her lifelong goal of riding her own motorcycle.

Unlike just about everyone who’s “into” motorcycles, she knew almost nothing about them. She didn’t know how to maintain her prized machine and hadn’t begun the process of getting her permit to ride.

Buying the bike in the first place felt like an indulgence. “I totally wanted it,” says Robin, “but could I really be brave enough to actually do something with it? I wasn’t so sure.” The bike seemed destined to rot away in her backyard, a dream deferred for the sake of practicality, sensibility, and a comfortable sense of normalcy. “Why do we do that!?” Robin laughed with me over the phone, recalling the year her bike just sat there. Why do we feel that ‘guilt’ in our guilty pleasures? twitter_button

But at Bootcamp, she set a clear course of action and Robin knew she had a community of bosses waiting to hear about her progress. After driving around for weeks with the form for her class sitting in her car, waiting for a convenient time to drop it off, she just got in one day and bee-lined to the school to complete her registration.

In the class, the challenge really began. Robin was one of two women in the class filled with big burly biker dudes and faced an unfriendly instructor who intimidated the other woman in the class to the point that she dropped out. The teacher was so awful she was later fired, but despite the bumpy start, her classmates cheered Robin on and she stuck it out.

“The day I got my license was the happiest of my adult life,” she says.

Sometimes going for a goal we really, REALLY want is too terrifying to even start! To risk failing along the way leaves us feeling incredibly vulnerable. We must give ourselves permission to want what we want – no apologies. twitter_button

So what does the bike represent to Robin now? “It’s a dream,” she says, “I ride and I think – I overcame something that scared me, and I didn’t quit.”

That sense of fearlessness has manifest in Robin’s life in other surprising ways. She’s also taken charge of her personal finances with a bold new budget, opening a 401k, and even (drumroll, please!) asking her boss for a raise after serving her company for 2 years. She’s cut her student debt in half since Bootcamp – hot damn!

“I realized that ‘someday’ is NOW,” she said. twitter_buttonIt was helpful to be around so many women who are encouraging, focused on progress, and all there together to strategize, make a plan, and hold each other accountable.”

Robin’s the kind of Bootcamp alumn that leaves me in awe of the adventures that await our bosses. I couldn’t be prouder of her guts and glory. If she leaves you inspired too, share your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook right now.


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