Promises Kept

Emilie: Jamie, what brought you to Bossed Up to begin with?

Jamie: I had just come off working three consecutive campaign cycles and was in between jobs, figuring out what I really wanted next. I’m always looking for opportunities for professional growth and was interested in switching paths.

E: No more politics for you?

J: No, I love politics. I was just burnt out on the campaign trail. I moved up quickly on campaigns, which was flattering, but I found it really hard to incorporate fitness into my life, which is so important to me. I wanted to make the right career move that would enable me to continue advocating for the causes I believe in without sacrificing my own health and happiness along the way.

E: I know that feeling. So what happened next?

J: Informational interviews led me to Mission: Readiness, the incredible organization where I now work in support of a nationwide network of retired admirals and generals who are investing in the health and education of our next generation of Americans.

It’s meaningful work in support of healthy school meals, early childhood education, rigorous K-12 education standards and physical education, and this organization practices what they preach, too.

E: That’s awesome. How so?

J: Well, one of the goals I set for myself at the end of Bootcamp was to get back in shape to the point where I could actually teach a Les Mils BODYPUMP class at my neighborhood gym. It’s one of those dreams I’ve always had, but never made time for. I never gave myself permission to make it important, but you know what? It’s important to me! So right after Bootcamp, I signed up to get certified and now I teach a class at my gym every Friday morning. And my boss is totally on board – even when it means I come in late every Friday.

E: Rad! How does it feel to make good on a promise you made to yourself?

J: I mean, it’s a great feeling. There’s always more to tackle, of course, but I look back at the many goals I set at Bootcamp and realize now, most of what I put down has been accomplished. I ran a half marathon, completed a triathlon. I also got married last year, which was another goal of mine! ?

E: Congrats! That’s wonderful. So how would you describe your experience with us?

J: Going to Bootcamp was my chance to join ambitious women looking to evaluate their careers and take their lives to the next level. And then I did. It’s been an awesome year.

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