Mastering my Masters #LikeABoss

It’s that time of year: graduation caps flying through the air, congratulations banners flapping in the breeze, books closing and new beginnings beginning.

After Lindsey chose to leave the education job she loved to transition into another field altogether, she spent the last two years getting her Masters degree in couple and family therapy. I sat down with her to congratulate her and hear all about how this boss is absolutely crushing it.

Her story inspired me – and I’m sure will inspire you too, especially if grad school is on your ‘maybe someday’ list.

Emilie: How did you find the courage to go back to school?

Lindsey: One step at a time, to be honest. Leaving a job I loved to go back to school was scary! I chose to write a thesis using quantitative analysis and at first I worried that I was in way over my head.

But I got my mindset straight and tackled one challenge after another in my program – even going on to present at international conferences – and I’m thrilled to report that finished on time and with my thesis completed last week!

E: Right on! So where were you when you came to Bootcamp?

L: I came to Bootcamp in December of my last year in my program, when I hadn’t even finished my thesis proposal, and wasn’t sure if I would graduate on time let alone find a job in my field.

Bootcamp helped me uncover and articulate my vision for my life and career. I also left with a huge community of progress-focused women with continuing opportunities to connect with them as we encouraged each other every step of the way.

Basically, Bootcamp created the space for me to break down my big goals into smaller steps and the Bossed Up LifeTracker kept me on course.

Seven months later, I completed every goal that I set for myself at Bootcamp.

E: Damn, woman! You’ve been busy bossin, it seems – brava! So what’s next?

L: Well, I’m happy to report that I landed a job in my field (doing crisis intervention with children and families) I’m excited to start soon and – knowing the other bosses were cheering me on – I found the courage to ask for a compensation package that truly reflects my worth!

E: Like a boss! So proud. So what advice do you have for other bosses-to-be out there?

L: When we feel stressed and overwhelmed, taking time out to really examine where we are and where we’re heading might feel like the last thing we want to do. But investing time into really articulating your vision, values, goals, and plans is exactly what will propel you to the life that you want to lead.

Surrounding yourself with other bossed up women who won’t let you settle and will provide encouragement along the way is a huge support. Other bosses ensure that you don’t feel alone as you step into uncharted territory.

Are you ready to step up as the boss of your life?

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