How Rhonda Learned the Benefits of “Being Still”

Imagine this: you’ve interviewed for two jobs. Job #1 makes you an offer and you accept. Job #2 makes you an offer shortly after and sweetens the deal with a higher salary.

A great problem to have, of course, but a problem nonetheless. What do you do?

Rhonda says, you “be still.”

Read on to find out how Rhonda looked inward for direction to help her move forward.

Emilie: I want to start off by saying congratulations on your new position, boss!

Rhonda: Thank you! I’m thrilled to be starting a new middle school after teaching high school for 10 years.

E: Awesome! I understand you had a pretty tough decision with accepting this job, yes? Tell me more.

R: Yes, I did. I accepted a teaching position at a middle school and took a $2,000 pay cut in doing so. Right before I was supposed to start, another school where I had previously interviewed offered me that $2,000 back plus an additional $5,000. I declined the second offer.

E: Really. So what brought you to that decision Rhonda?

R: While money does matter, at this point in my career, I’m looking for the best growth opportunities and ways to develop as a teaching professional. Though money is important, it’s not the only thing I value in my career.

I didn’t want to base my career change on money alone. I chose sanity, peace and the value of change.

E: Yes! You talk about “being still.” What does that mean and what can other women learn from it?

R: Being still means to take time to truly reflect on and value what you have been given. It’s a reminder that even in the face of uncertainty to count the blessings of change that is before you.

Being still prepares me for when a promising opportunity presents itself. And when it does, it helps me to face new challenges, with a mindset open to learning and growth.

Sometimes you just have to stop and be still.

E: Well said boss. Any regrets?

R: Not at all. I have learned more and grown more through the offered professional development here in three weeks than I had in the past eight years.

I am at the beginning of my new journey. I have chosen to step into my passion and find my strength as a renewed boss.

E: Powerful words from a powerful woman. What does Bossed Up Bootcamp have to do with this change in your life Rhonda?

R: Bossed Up Bootcamp gave me the confidence to believe that I am a boss who’s worth and talents are valuable.

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