How Jasmine Bounced from Corporate Life

Many of us know what the corporate grind feels like: punching the clock, working toward our next promotion, and contributing to a broad team effort. While it’s a great environment for some to thrive in, others just can’t find satisfaction working in service of a broader organization’s vision.

That’s exactly how Jasmine’s found herself feeling.

After years in the corporate world, she took her teenage son’s advice to “pop her collar,” and left her job. I sat down with her to learn more:

Emilie: First off, Jasmine, your son sounds like a total boss.

Jasmine: Haha, he’s a good kid.

E: Tell me how your conversation with him changed your perspective about your career.

J: Well, I came home from work one day complaining to my son about how stressed I was, a conversation that we don’t have too often. His response was this: “Mom, just walk into work, put on your sunglasses, pop your collar, tell your boss you quit, then walk out to some music.”

E: Dang! That kid’s got confidence! So tell me, did you follow his advice.

J: Some of it! My son’s words stayed with me for awhile and last October, I decided to just do it. While I didn’t “pop my collar” and peace out blasting music, making the decision to resign was liberating.

I felt a sense of relief. It was the most bold and courageous thing I have ever done. I didn’t have a concrete plan, but that didn’t stop me from moving forward. There was no doubt in my mind that I needed to do it.

E: What happened after that?

J: I took about 5 months off, went into a deep place where I was able to evaluate every area of my life and ended up re-launching my first business and launching a second.

Friends, family, and people I would connect with at networking events thought I was nuts – especially as a single mom with no real plan – and I was! But it’s also how I got to where I am today.

I’m stronger, more self-aware, and I’m creating my own life. I’m a boss.

E: Congrats, boss! So tell me, how did Bossed Up help you to navigate that new path?

J: Bossed Up taught me to self-check. I do this weekly to make sure that I am sticking to my core essence, so that I can make the best decisions for my life, my son and my businesses.

Self-checking has helped to show grace toward others and reminds me to just get over myself sometimes and to remember that I was created to help other people, not myself.

Also, negotiating. On a recent business project, I found the courage to negotiate and ask for more money because I knew that I was worth more. I’m not 100% confident in negotiating, but I’m doing it, which is a great start. Bossed Up Bootcamp gave helped me with that.

E: Awesome! What advice do you have for women who may be thinking of ditching their corporate jobs?

J: Think it all the way through and understand the impact. If you decide to move forward, commit to using that time to better know and understand yourself and let that lead you to what makes you happy. Take a class or workshop that will help you sort out the areas where there is uncertainty.

This is your life and you only have one. Create the life you want.


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