Corinn’s a Growth Junkie

Starting this month we’re handing the #FierceFriday mic over to these boss ladies themselves in a new Q&A format. 

Hear straight from today’s #FierceFriday boss, Corinn, below and leave your comments on the blog below.

Emilie: Corinn! I like to call you my SUPERboss, since you’ve been involved with Bossed Up in so many ways – you came to Bootcamp, join our offline and online workshops, Power Hours, netWorkouts, you name it! What does this community mean to you? 

Corinn: You know it! I’m such a personal growth junkie!

But really, this community helps me stay accountable to achieving the ever-evolving vision of the life I want. In fact, I took my latest big step forward because a fellow boss shared an awesome opportunity in our private Facebook group for women who’ve attended Bootcamp.

E: Sweet! Tell us about the latest big, bold move you made.

C: I applied for and was awarded a full scholarship to join a year-long Entrepreneur Fellowship Program for Women and I’m now in the process of developing a business plan to start my own nonprofit organization.

E: Congratulations! What’s it all about?

C: Well, as an indirect survivor of sexual violence, I’ve long been committed to helping other survivors rebuild their lives and thrive. I’ve spent years volunteering with my local rape crisis center and taking on leadership roles with the Junior Board for Knock Out abuse and the Women’s Information Network, and now I’m exploring starting my own nonprofit focused on providing career support for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence in particular.

E: Awesome. Wow. How does it feel to get started pursuing a dream that big?

C: Honestly? It’s scary and intimidating and exhilarating. I really have to know myself, you know? All the budgeting and forecasting numbers and finances is overwhelming to me. I need some structure, and that’s why I sought out this program for additional help. I’m not going to let what I don’t know get in the way of getting started.

I feel like you have to ask for the help you need. twitter_button

E: Totally – it takes a village. What advice do you have for other women who are looking to take a leap like you are?

C:  Go for it! The worse case scenario is you falling down, but guess what? You can always get back up and try again.

E: Finally, what role do you believe Bootcamp played in all this?

C:  I believe Bootcamp allowed me to embrace the big dreams now, instead of holding onto them until later. Bootcamp allowed me to be comfortable with my process, wherever it starts and whenever it ends.

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