Melissa’s Courage to Change Course

Melissa’s nagging discontent with her day job (the kind of 9-to-5 corporate legal job a first-generation college graduate felt she should have) drove her to attend Bootcamp last March.

Afterwards, Melissa made a plan and left her legal career to professionally pursue a dessert catering business. Inspired by her epicurean upbringing in the flavorful Gulf Coast of Texas, and her lifelong love for the chemistry behind baking, Melissa launched Belle Bayou Dessert Catering and now is doubling down to open a bakery with a full menu of sweets and savory delights!

But for Melissa, it’s about so much more than a career change change.

“This business does not just represent a part of the greater plan for my future, it symbolizes a great internal victory,” says Melissa. “For many years, I knew I was on the wrong career path but did not have the courage to veer off-course. Bootcamp was a paradigm shift for me and helped me understand that my career cannot go off-course because I determine what that course is.”

Working with hundreds of women through Bossed Up, I’ve realized that we rarely feel fully prepared to pursue a new endeavor. It’s so easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis and delay getting to action. Instead of waiting to feel ready enough, smart enough, talented enough, or experienced enough, I believe in having confidence in your ability to figure it out (as we say in the Bossed Up Manifesto).

“In my heart I had a dream to open my own business,” says Melissa. “I nourished this dream for many years, but it stayed in my heart and out of my hands. I lacked the confidence in my own abilities to see it through.”

As we grow older, any change in course can be confused with failure. We’re told that winners never quit, and quitters never win.

But giving ourselves permission to let go of a goal that’s become unattainable or undesirable enables us to get to work pursuing what matters most.

Studies show that grit – the quality of stick-to-it-ness we bring to pursuing goals even in the face of setbacks – is actually a higher predictor of achievement than talent and intelligence on their own. Being open to failure on the road to success (another part of the Manifesto!) enables us to listen to that feedback and learn from it.

“I became empowered with the tools to bring order and progress to every section of my life,” says Melissa, “And best of all, I was no longer alone – I was in the company of amazing women who have inspired me and helped me stay accountable to my dreams.”

How about you, boss? Are considering a change in course? What’s holding you back? Leave your thoughts, questions, and stories in the comments below.


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